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Trekking in Nepal: HoneyGuide App

With the recent launch of HoneyGuide‘s Trekking in Nepal app, Trekking will now become an even more amazing experience. HoneyGuide, an app company, meant for travelers recently launched their app on 17th July whose primary focus is to keep travelers experience amazing and unique in a way. Trekking in Nepal is an android and iOS app that is specially designed only and only for travelers who go to various trekking site in Nepal. It is a paradigm shifting product from HoneyGuide which without any doubt will provide service for its users that one cannot simple distaste.

HoneyGuide’s Trekking in Nepal is the new revolution in the tourism and travel industry of Nepal. With all its unique, friendly and informative features; this app is sure to increase visitor confidence in Nepal. This app currently features the trek route and other information of Everest Region, Annapurna Base Camp Region and Ghorepani Poon Hill Region and in the future will add additional sites which include Gokyo Lakes in Everest Region, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Upper Mustang Region and many more. This app intends to make travelling safe, comfortable and pleasuring. Without further ado, let us explore some of the features of this app.

Features of Trekking In Nepal


Placecard is a very unique approach of HoneyGuide to place in its app –Trekking in Nepal. With this feature travelers will get the information about the significant things of the area that they are visiting. Placecards give you information about the birds and animals locally found and also the important cultural and historical facts like temples, monuments and other. Placecards will try to explain the importance and significance of the area thereby making a close connection between the land and trekker.

Feature : Placecards
Feature : Placecards

Deviation and Avalanche alerts

Deviation alert is another important feature of this app which will make trekking safe. This feature will warn you whenever you are in the wrong path. If you are diverted from your path then this feature will warn you of the wrong path you are walking. Also, the Avalanche alerts will warn you of the avalanche risk areas. You will never be in risk again when this app is with you. You safety regard in all matters is the apps first priority. The quick reaction of this app to events like Earthquake, several natural disasters and bad weather will make to worth to have in your pocket.

Offline maps


HoneyGuide app works in offline mode meaning that you don’t need to have a stable internet connection while you are on trek. All you need to do is be prepared before your trekking days by downloading the map. The featured maps and information about the place can be bought from in app purchase. Once you have the map in your device you are setup for your day. All the placecard information, lodge and hotels information works offline. The price of the maps available in the app are as follows : Everest Region- 14.99 $ , Annapurna Base Camp- 9.99 $ and Ghorepani poon Hill- free- later to be priced at 3.99 $.

Offline Maps
Offline Maps


Hotel/ Lodge Information

Another useful feature of this app is you can get information about the Hotels and Lodges available in the area. It includes complete lodge coverage such as room available, lodge specialty and also reviews about the hotels and lodge from other visitors. The detailed lodge information makes it easy for the travelers to search and make any queries to the hotel owners. Each trekker can give upto 3 reviews for one place. This will give you a reliable idea about what’s your stay in the lodge is likely going to be.

Lodge Coverage
Lodge Coverage

Different than Guides

Having to read several pages while on a trek can be a pretty droopy experience. When you are on trek, you are meant to explore and enjoy not reading about pages from writers experience. This is when HoneyGuide’s app comes in handy. HoneyGuide app will help you explore and give information with enjoyment. All the information of the places are provided only when you need it and where you need it. This app will make your connection with the place you are visiting and exploring which many guidebooks fail to approach.

3. Attractions

Some other features of this app include

  • Information about immunizations, water safety and Diarrhea, health injuries, altitude sickness and many more for your safety.
  • Provides brief Pre-trek and Post- trek information including Departure Information, Gear Checklist and many more.
  • Information about the mountains, Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife, Livelihood and so on.
  • Notifications about the wrong way, Rockfall alerts, Climb alerts and other hazards.
  • Mountain Finder feature

Feature : Mountain FinderFeature : Mountain Finder

HoneyGuide has put a lot of effort in bringing this app to trekkers and is sure to increase their experience. This app will help a lot of fellow travelers and trekkers. This is a must have app for everyone who enjoys trekking. This app will hopefully also inspire other people to make useful and valued apps for Nepal.

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