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Have you tried ‘remixing’ on Instagram?

Do you love using instagram? Do you love posting stories and replying to other people’s stories? If so then you will love the new feature Instagram has introduced. It’s called remixing. ‘Remixing’ allows the user to reply to other user’s stories with the same picture but with their own doodles.

Yes, that’s right. Now you have the power to make fun of your friends with their own pictures and be as creative as you want with it. For instance:

instagram remixing

Or you can choose to be lame and use it for anything else.

How Remixing on instagram works?


When you view a story on instagram. You will be provided the option to reply. You can click on the camera icon as shown below to reply with the same picture.

reply button

Then you can add text, doodles, emojis on top of the original picture. You can choose to allow the receiver to view it only once or on a loop. This works for video stories as well.

This new feature from Instagram comes as a way to one-up its top competitor Snapchat which has threatened its position as the most popular photo sharing platform. However, no one seems to be complaining as the competition between the two has been forcing both platforms to frequently innovate and introduce great new features. And this, ultimately, is what is in the best interest of the end-user.

What do you think about Instagram’s newest feature? Let us know in the comments below. For more tech news, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.


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