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Tronsmart – High Quality Tech Products Manufacturer Giant Enters Nepali market


When you look out for the definition of “accessories”, it’s a thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, and useful. So using accessories with our tech devices results in helping us to use our device productively and at its full potential. Though there are various benefits of using accessories with our tech devices such as our smartphones, PC or laptops, choosing the right one might be tough sometimes.

Today we are going to talk about Tronsmart. A leading and reliable brand when it comes to accessories. Tronsmart has been in this industry since 2013 and has seen a positive response from its customers since then. They were the first to launch an octa-core Media player, back in 2014. Throughout the time they have shown their valuable presence in this field. Just in 2018, Luis Suarez, yes the one who plays for Uruguay and FC Barcelona partnered with Tronsmart showing the quality and commitment of the Company to deliver high-quality goods and creating a sense of Authenticity of their products.

Tronsmart accessories price in Nepal

Products offer by Tronsmart

The product lineup of Tronsmart deal’s with all sorts of accessories, fulfilling your tech accessories requirements in one place. They deal with Audio products, Power banks, Gaming Accessories, and much more. Let’s have look at some of their products category

  • Bluetooth & Audio

  •  Power

  • Cables & Hubs

  • Gaming

  • Laptop & Phone Stands

  • Cases

Tronsmart accessories price in Nepal

Tronsmart is producing various quality products under these categories. Under these categories, they deal with accessories like Headphones, TWS Earphones, Power Banks, USB Chargers, Type C – Micro USB and Lightning cables, and much more. Even for gamers, they have separate portfolios of products such as Gaming Keyboards, Headphones, Mouse, Gamepads, and even Cooling fans for PC cases.

Global Presence of Tronsmart

Tronsmart is available in more than 30 different countries across America, Europe, Middle East & Many Asian Countries. Now they have shown their presence in Nepal too. Along with these countries, they are further expanding rapidly. Tronsmart is a well-known brand also among tech Media. With the help of their high-quality products they were able to win the hearts of reviewers from Forbes, The Verge, Windows Central, Android Authority, XDA DEVELOPERS, Gadgets in Nepal, and many such big names.

Tronsmart products in Nepal

Tronsmart has shown its presence in Nepal from last year. Even since then they have launched various quality products for Nepali consumers. The company recently opened its first showroom in Nepal at Mahabauddha.

Tronsmart offers various products for Nepali consumers and the list is increasing day by day. List beings with their Audio products along with their chargers, Powerbanks, and their Gaming Accessories.

  • Element Grove (Force Mini) Bluetooth speaker

  • Encore Spunky Buds TWS Stereo Bluetooth Earphones

  • Encore S2 Bluetooth Sports Earphones

  • Glary Gaming Headsets

  • Element T6 Portable Bluetooth speaker

  • Element Force+

  • Element Splash Bluetooth Speaker

  • U5P USB-C PD USB Wall Charger

  • PB10 10,000mAh Power Bank

  • Trim 10,000mAh USB-C Power Bank

  • Dual Coil Wireless Charging Stand

  • Mars G02 Wireless Game Controller

  • Shine X Gaming Mouse Pad

  • TF12 RGB LED PWM 120MM Fan

Why choose Tronsmart and where to buy?

Tronsmart is a multinational brand and trusted all around the world. Also in Nepal, the products are available at reasonable prices with 1 year of replacement guarantee which assures the quality of their products. Products can be purchased through their newly opened showroom at Mahabauddha and also through their Facebook page. Soon they will be taking online orders through their official website too.

Order Tronsmart Products Here

So what do think about Tronsmart and their product lineup? Let us know in the comment section below. Also if you want to see a review of any Tronsmart products from our side, let us know that too and for more tech updates and news don’t forget to follow Gadgets in Nepal across all of our social media handles.

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