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Tuddrom Ambassador Program: Become an Ambassador


Tuddrom is a small team formed by dedicated and energetic young and fun-loving people. These people are highly passionate about music and are determined to solve the problem faced by every music listener occurring on a daily basis. The small youth company has made a pace of its own growth by day one. And now, the company of youths and fun-loving people are in search of a highly music enthusiastic person as an “Ambassador “ for the company itself. 

The team wanted to create a platform for those who have a good social media presence, are community influencers, and are passionate about promoting music and Tuddrom’s earphones.

Here, the team has come up with a “Become an Ambassador” program where you will get a chance to experience what it’s like to be an ambassador. Without any further delay, let’s head into this article to know about how can you become an ambassador of the Tuddrom Nepal.

Ambassador Program:

The “Ambassador Program” by Tuddrom requires some level of qualifications for you to apply. Those certain requirements are listed below:

  • Must have over 1500 followers on any of these platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube)
  • 5000 and 2000 monthly website views

Yes, only these two requirements make you eligible for being an Ambassador of Tuddrom Nepal. You should meet at least that much otherwise we determined you as undernourished for our ambassador post. 

In order to run this program, there will be a need for social media influencers, video creators, bloggers, and publishers. These people are also known as content creators. Those creators have a specific targeted audience relevant to their niche content. Accordingly, they can manage to monetize their traffic source with the help of an affiliate program. 

Moreover, an affiliate program involves recommending the product or services of the company to your audience and earning the commission from the sale.

How to apply?

Well, it is quite simple and easy to register for the post. For anyone who is willing to join the ambassador program, Tuddrom has made it a simple step as you just have to visit their website and you can find this registration form on the ‘Become an ambassador’. Register and become an in-team member as an Ambassador.

About the Ambassador program:

The company has distributed the program in different sectors. We will be talking about those sectors in detail below. But, before, let’s talk about what they are. Firstly, there is the registration and analyzing process here basically, it allows the eligible person to register from the registration form on the ‘Become an ambassador’ webpage of their website. Likewise, there comes the recommendation and referral Link which we will be discussing in detail below. Lastly, the last sector is earning money. Without any further delay let’s look at the details roles of these three steps.

  1. Registration and Analyzing process:

Here, the person with the required qualification can find the registration form on the ‘Become an ambassador’ webpage of their website. Similarly, after you’ve registered, the official team gets to work and analyze the credentials of an eligible person. Once the team approves, then that person becomes an ambassador of the ambassador program. 

  1. Recommendation and Referral Link

After the chosen person becomes an Ambassador, the team provides the ambassador with a dedicated app for the dashboard which is the first time ever in the history of Nepal. The app is available on the Google play store. By using the dashboard, our ambassador can generate a referral link for each product and use that referral link during the promotion of our product from their content. If you refer through the link of yours, you will be getting up to 10% commission with the sales.

The dashboard will also allow the ambassador to track transaction history, payment history, the conversion rate of the product, overall summary of product sales and commission acquired.

  1.  Earning the Money 

Last but not the least, the ambassador can earn up to 10% commission by the purchase of each product through the referral link. With sales of up to 5 products, you will get a 5% commission. Likewise, with a sale of up to 10 products, you will get a 7% commission and lastly, if the sales are of more than 11 products, you will be getting a commission of 10% in total. This way, you can earn money without struggling with payment issues in Nepal.

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Ending the topic, the Ambassador program will bring a lot of advantages to the ambassador. Not only earning money but, you can also get knowledge regarding affiliate programs.

As in the present context, Nepal is not that aware of terms of affiliate marketing. With this program, the youths of Tuddrom Nepal will be helping the country make it digitally grow.


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