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Tuddrom T19 – Full Review after using for more than a week


Tuddrom is a Nepali brand startup started by a small team of dedicated and energetic young and fun-loving people who are highly passionate about music and are determined to solve the problem faced by every music listener on a daily basis. So, under the Tuddrom brand, you get various audio accessories. We already covered three of them on our youtube video so, do check them out and now, let’s talk about the Tuddrom T19. 


Build and Design: 

Talking about the build and design of T19, they are quite sleek and light. They come with a stem with a mic on them and into-the ear style earbuds. They are proprietary buds from tuddrom and you get two extra pairs for medium and large sizes in the box. On the side, we have support for touch gestures to perform certain actions. 

Buds are comfortable and lightweight at around 4gms each.  Now, let’s talk about the case, the case is of oval shape with rounded edges. It’s quite compact and can easily fit in a small pocket. You get a Type-C port for charging and also a Type-C cable in the box. 

Touch Controls:


Tuddrom T19 supports touch control too. Though during my usage, it was kind of a hit and miss. The buds were not registering the touch sometimes and required a bit more effort. Talking about the controls, you could single tap on either of the buds to play/pause the songs and video and to answer or decline a call. Whereas double-tapping on the left would increase the volume and the right one would decrease it. Long press on left/right buds will skip to the previous/next track. You can even summon your favorite voice assistant with a triple tap of either of them. 

Sound Quality:  

Let’s talk about the listening experience of these earbuds. As they were budget-friendly earbuds I wasn’t expecting much with the sound. But at the price of Rs.3,200/-  you won’t regret getting them if you are into TWS. Otherwise, you can easily get a wired headset which sounds much better than these ones at a similar price. With the T19 we get single 6mm Dynamic drivers which produce ample bass and treble but miss out on low-frequency notes. Talking more about its specs, we get 16ohm impedance, 20-40000Hz frequency response, and sensitivity of 102 -+ 3db. If you are a hardcore Audiophile, these are definitely not for you but if you want a decent pair of TWS on a budget for casual listening songs and watching movies, then you can consider the Tuddrom T19. 

Considering the price, mics on the T19 are good. While making calls, the person on the other side didn’t have any major complaints.   


Battery Life & Charging

For the battery, we get 40mAh capacity on both buds while the case packs 300mAh. The company claims a 3hr usage with the buds and 4 times recharge with the case, making it 12Hr. It’s quite low actually if you look at what other TWS are providing in the market. During my usage I got around 2 and half hours of continuous usage while using them with my smartphones while using with my laptop, they lasted for a bit more than 2 hours. The buds can be charged via the case and the case can be charged using a Type-C cable. You get 4 LED indicators on the case determining the battery left of the case. We also have led’s on the buds themselves. 


So, this was my experience with the Tuddrom T19. Wrapping this up, what I have to say is, these are decent pair of earbuds for their price but with a lot of room left for improvement. I liked the design and how easily they fit on my ears. Also, the case is quite compact and handy. With the next iteration of T19, we would like to see improved drivers with longer battery life. Other than that, if you are not very audiophile and you are a casual listener and in search of a TWS then you can give a shot at Tuddrom T19

Himal Pokhrel
Himal Pokhrel
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