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Ultima Atom 255 Full Review: Good Earbuds at a Cheap Price?



Technology has become part of people’s lifestyles and with the products like earbuds and smartwatches, they are turning into a fashion choice. Likewise, Ultima is also trying to be part of people’s lifestyles with its different tech and gadgets. Ultima is a Nepal-based gadget brand that provides different gadgets at low and affordable prices. One of them is Ultima Atom 255 and I will be reviewing it here.

Inside the Box

Ultima Atom 255 comes with a warranty card, instruction manual, USB Type-C charging cable, a charging case, and earbuds inside the case.

Design and Built

Ultima Atom 255 comes in two different color combination options and they are black with red, and white with cyan color. The black with the red color option that I tested had a transparent black cap on the case and the body of the case has a matt finish. The case doesn’t feel premium but the cap has that satisfying snappy click while closing.

The case has USB Type C charging port and on the back of the case, we can find a button that resets the settings of the earbuds and removes the connection from all the devices it was connected to before.

The case is slim enough to sit in a pocket and not create a big bump while walking. Earbuds have a combination of shiny and matt black designs giving them a nice look. Earbuds can be connected to the mobile or laptop without taking them out of the case, we can just open the cap of the case and they are ready to connect with your device with Bluetooth.

Music and Gaming

Ultima Atom 255 has two sound modes for gaming and music and they are named game mode and music mode. There is not much difference between both modes in the case of sound effects and sound quality. But while gaming the difference in delay can be noticed. Playing a game in music mode has very high latency.

The sound effect of the gameplay like bullet fire and steps come after more than one second. When I said there is a noticeable difference between delay in game mode and music mode, I was literally talking about the delay in both because the latency on even in game mode is noticeable and I would not suggest you use this earbud for gaming because the bullet of the enemy will reach you before the footstep that enemy if you use this earbud for gaming.

Listening to music is also not that satisfying in these earbuds if you are someone who enjoys the bass and depths in the music like me. But leaving that aside, if the bass is not important to you in the music, these earbuds will be perfect for you considering the price because this earbud provides a fine music experience with enough loud volume not to get disturbed by the outside environment.

Connectivity and Touch Controls

Earbuds has their own sets of control that makes it easy to pause, play, forward, backward, switch modes, and open voice assistant. With a single touch on either earbud, we can play and pause the music, with a double tap on the right side earbud we can play the next music and with a double tap on the left side, we can go back to the previous music.

With the triple tap on either side earbuds, we can switch between game mode and music mode. Long touch on either earphone will open google voice assistant and an even longer touch on either side earbud will turn off the power of that particular earbud.

Battery and Charging

Ultima Atom 255 gave me battery backup for up to two weeks when I was using it in a casual way. After about two weeks I had to charge the case and it charged really fast, while using my 15W basic charging brick of Samsung, the case fully charges within just about two hours. With just 5 minutes of charging, it gave me around 65 to 68 minutes of nonstop playback.

Extra Features

Ultima Atom 255 comes with Bluetooth v5.3 that connects really fast with your device and even faster with the devices with which it was previously connected. Saying as someone who loves long walks while listening to music, or if you are into running or a gym freak, you will sweat a lot, Ultima Atom 255 has an IPX4 rating making it sweat and splash resistance.

It also has ENC technology that reduces background noise while talking on the phone which helps the person we are talking with to listen to our voice even in loud places. But the mic was making my sound muffled for the person on the other side but according to the person they were understanding me even with muffles.


At last, if I have to talk about Ultima Atom 255, I can say that it is a fine pair of earbuds that we can get for just Rs. 2,499. But if you just add Rs. 200, you can buy Ultima Atom 192 on Daraz and Hukut which comes with better sound quality, and bass and is comfortable in the ear too. But if 2.5k is your ultimate budget, Ultima Atom 255 will also do just fine in the price range.

LightweightNot good for Gaming
Small (Fits in pocket)No Active Noise Cancelation
IPX4 (Sweat Prood)Not much depth in the music
Low Price
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Built and Design


The Ultima Atom 255 is a budget-friendly option that offers fine sound quality and comfortable wear. It's a great choice for those looking for earbuds that won't break the bank.
Niraj Gautam
Niraj Gautam
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The Ultima Atom 255 is a budget-friendly option that offers fine sound quality and comfortable wear. It's a great choice for those looking for earbuds that won't break the bank.Ultima Atom 255 Full Review: Good Earbuds at a Cheap Price?