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Own a brand new Redmi phone in this “Unbeatable Festive offer”.


Xiaomi has introduced an exciting Dashain offer in Nepal, featuring significant price drops on select models. You really Don’t want to miss out on these incredible deals! Xiaomi Nepal is gearing up to enhance your festive celebrations under the “Festive Mood, Offer Too Good.” Get ready for special discounts of up to Rs. 2000 on a diverse selection of their popular smartphone models.

Xiaomi Unbeatable Festive Offer

With the festive season quickly approaching, Xiaomi Nepal has launched a tempting array of offers on a wide selection of smartphones. During this limited-time sale, tech enthusiasts have the opportunity to seize outstanding value, enabling them to immerse themselves in Xiaomi’s cutting-edge technology at significantly more budget-friendly prices.

If you were planning to own a brand new Redmi device well this is the right time. With exciting discounts of up to NRs 2,000, you can finally take home your favorite Redmi smartphone while saving some cash for yourself as well.

Dashain Offer 2023 on Redmi & Poco Smartphones

ModelPrevious PriceFestive offer Price
Redmi 12C (4/64GB)Rs. 14,499Rs. 13,999
Redmi 12C (6/128GB)Rs. 16,999Rs. 15,999
Redmi Note 12 (6/128GB)Rs. 24,999Rs. 23,499
Redmi Note 12 (8/128GB)Rs. 26,999Rs. 25,499
Redmi Note 12 (8/256GB)Rs. 27,999Rs. 26,499
Redmi Note 12 5G (6/128GB)Rs. 29,999Rs. 28,499
Redmi Note 12 5G (8/256GB)Rs. 31,999Rs. 30,499
Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G (6/128GB)Rs. 38,999Rs. 36,999
Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G (8/256GB)Rs. 41,999Rs. 39,999
POCO X5 Pro 5G (6/128GB)Rs. 39,999Rs. 37,999
POCO X5 Pro 5G (8/256GB)Rs. 42,999Rs. 40,999

Redmi A2/A2+

Unbeatable Festive offer from Xiaomi

When you buy a Redmi A2 or A2+ smartphone, you’ll also receive a free gift: Redmi Earphones. Whether you love music or just need a good phone, this gift adds something special to your Redmi A2/A2+ deal.

Redmi 12C

Unbeatable Festive offer from Xiaomi

The Redmi 12c also gets an exciting price drop. The 4/64GB model, which was previously priced at Rs. 14,499, is currently offered for an alluring price of just Rs. 13,999. Additionally, the 6/128GB model, which was originally priced at Rs. 16,999, is now available for an even more reasonable Rs. 15,999.

Redmi Note 12

Redmi Note 12 4G Price in Nepal

The Redmi Note 12 offers fantastic price reductions across its variants. The 6/128GB model, originally priced at Rs. 24,999, is now available for just Rs. 23,499. If you need more storage, the 8/128GB version, previously at Rs. 26,999, is now only Rs. 25,499. And for those craving ample space, the 8/256GB model, previously costing Rs. 27,999, can be yours for just Rs. 26,499.

Redmi Note 12 5G

Redmi Note 12 5G Price in Nepal 01

This Unbeatable Festive offer from Xiaomi, the Redmi Note 12 5G variant is also available at incredible pricing. The 6/128GB variant, formerly priced at Rs. 29,999, is now yours for just Rs. 28,499. For even more storage and power, the 8/256GB model, previously at Rs. 31,999, can be yours for an enticing Rs. 30,499. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy high-speed connectivity and exceptional features at unbeatable prices with the Redmi Note 12 5G.

Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G

Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G price in Nepal - feature image

The Pro model of the Redmi Note 12 5G also gets an amazing 2000 rupees discount. The 6/128GB version, previously listed at Rs. 38,999, can now be yours for an enticing Rs. 36,999. For those seeking more storage and capabilities, the 8/256GB model, formerly priced at Rs. 41,999, is now available for just Rs. 39,999.

POCO X5 Pro 5G

And last but not least, in this Unbeatable Festive offer from Xiaomi the POCO X5 Pro 5G, gets a huge 2,000 rupees discount on both its variants. The 6/128GB variant, previously listed at Rs. 39,999, can be yours for just Rs. 37,999. For those craving more storage and capabilities, the 8/256GB model, once priced at Rs. 42,999, is now available for a compelling Rs. 40,999 only.

Unbeatable Festive offer from Xiaomi

The festive offer is now up for grabs at all official Xiaomi stores and e-commerce sites. Hurry, though, because it won’t last forever. This special deal is valid from September 16 to November 15, so run to your nearest Redmi stores to take advantage of this offer.

What do you think about the Dashain Offer 2023 on Redmi & Poco Smartphones? Do let us know in the comments



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