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The Crucial time of Covid-19 outburst might be the best time for going digital and here’s Why?

The Covid-19 outburst is taking over the whole world and has already been declared as an epidemic by WHO. This is a very crucial time for everyone and that is why it is very important to stay home and stay safe.

Now, while the term stay home hits the shell, there is a question that raises in our mind and that is if we stay home then how are we going to run our most common yet very important day-day activity like paying the bill, getting the groceries, buying fresh fruits and vegetables paying the internet bill or maybe shopping for goods and items.

So, the answer to that question would be, by going digital. That is why we suggest that this epidemic may be the best time to actually bring online services in use.

Yes! You read that right, let me explain why? Now, since we are being home-quarantined for a good reason, we also need to keep that running smoothly by not wandering around too much and paying the bill, hitting the groceries and queuing in line to cash out money are some of the reason we might not be able to actually bring a safe-quarantining on use.

So, to flush that exertion out we bring you the list of places that you might or might not actually know to complete your day-day activity.

For Shopping:

In our stressful hectic life, we don’t really have the energy to go out and visit a variety of stores and it sure is very common that we prefer online-stores for that.

Some of our best picks are:

These are the places we suggest for online shopping and the good news is that they also offer a variety of options to explore.

For Utility Bill Payment:

Instead of standing in the line for paying utility bills, you can pay easily those bills while staying safe at your house. Paying bills for Electricity, water, internet, TV cable, etc, our best catch should be 

Although many e-banking services do provide this facility, we have found funding and payment from these apps more easier and convenient.

For Groceries:

For groceries more interestingly we have services like

The good thing about Daraz is that it provides a wide range of variation which gives a lot of options and convenience in terms of clothing, groceries or other equipment. 

Food Delivery Services:

Now,  restaurants, pubs, bar etc are also the places that you should avoid during the quarantine period. But if you are bored eating regular house food then you can use food delivery services to order food from your favorite restaurants. 

These are always good places to look for in terms of food delivery and the exciting news is that Bhojdeals have some amazing deals going on that also give some heavy discounts and offers.

For Medicine delivery:

Lastly, in terms of medicine delivery we have 

So, for any situation, you can always have these apps at your service then why not make the most out of it, especially when needed. Hence, do get these on use and stay safe and stay healthy. 

We will always have more articles like this coming up so do stay tuned.