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Valorant coming soon to mobile platform by Riot Games 


Riot Games have announced that they are currently working on a mobile version of their popular tactical game, “Valorant.” The company provided no further information on the nature of the game and any timeline on when it will be released. Riot also did the same with League of Legends, which was quite a hit last year.

There aren’t many details yet, such as when it will launch, what hardware, or how it will differ from the main game. But Riot says the new version will be called Valorant Mobile.

The news shouldn’t be too surprising. Earlier this year, Riot made a similar move with League of Legends, launching a mobile-focused spinoff called Wild Rift. Meanwhile, some of the most popular shooters in the world have moved to smartphones as well; PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile are both huge hits, and a smartphone iteration of Apex Legends is also on the way.

valorant mobile

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person tactical shooter currently available exclusively on the PC. The game is often described as ‘CS: GO meets Overwatch,’ as it features the basic gameplay mechanics of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but mixes in characters with various abilities, as seen in Overwatch.

The game isn’t even available on consoles, making it even more interesting as to why they made the jump directly to the mobile platform.


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