Vianet collaborates with Xiaomi for Dashain offer this year


Internet service provider, Vianet has come up with Dashain offers titled “BADA DASHAIN, BADA SPEED, BADA T.V”. This offer provides its user to be able to get a package with additional internet speed at the old price. In addition, Vianet has partnered with Xiaomi for this offer. Under this, Xiaomi’s Android TV has been bundled in Vianet’s internet package.

Dashain offer from Vianet:

Under this offer, customers will be able to get up to a 22% discount on Xiaomi’s 32-inch and 55-inch Android TVs as part of the Dashain offer when purchasing Vianet’s internet package. Similarly, under the old price, customers will now be able to get 40Mbps speed internet including Vianet TV. This offer will cost Rs 1,100 per month.

Likewise, Customers will get 60 Mbps internet speed including Vianet TV that will cost Rs. 1250 per month.

For the 80 Mbps, the company will provide two Vianet TV that will cost Rs 1450 only and three Vianet TV for 140Mbps internet speed that will cost Rs 1800 per month.

Internet offers:

Guna-Sampanna 40Mbps 2TV+Guna-Sampanna 60Mbps 3TV+Guna-Sampanna 80Mbps 2TV+Guna-Sampanna 140Mbps 3TV+
1 monthsRs 1100Rs 1250Rs 1450Rs 1800
1 yearRs 13,200Rs 15,000Rs 17,400Rs 21,600

Xiaomi’s TV offer:

Guna-Sampanna 30Mbps TV+Guna-Sampanna 40Mbps 2TV+Guna-Sampanna 60Mbps 3TV+
3 months with 32 inch Mi Android TV 4ARs 31,500Rs 32,400Rs 33,600
3 Months

with 55 inch Mi Android 4k TV 4X

Rs 67,300Rs 68,200Rs 69,400


Guna-Sampanna 40Mbps TV+Guna-Sampanna 60Mbps TV+Guna-Sampanna 80Mbps 2TV+Guna-Sampanna 140Mbps 3TV+
12 Months

with 32 inch Mi Android TV 4A

Rs 39,900Rs 41,900Rs 44,400Rs 48,600
12 Months

with 55 inch Mi Android 4k TV 4X

Rs 75,900Rs 77,800Rs 80,200Rs 84,400
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