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Vianet Brings Mini Internet Pack: 75Mbps Internet and Free Ncell Sim


Vianet is on a roll these past few months. It hasn’t been long since the company introduced its high-speed broadband internet and wifi connections at a low cost. And now, it’s already introduced another jaw-dropping offer: the Vianet Mini Internet Pack. So in this article, we’re going to be talking about Vianet’s Mini Internet Pack and how it’s one of the best internet offers for you.

Vianet Mini Internet Pack

Just recently, Vianet launched the Ultra-Fi Package, high-speed internet at a low price for the ultra experience. And to celebrate this year’s end, also to welcome the New Year, Vianet is bringing another offer. This mind-blowing offer from Vianet is perfect for households with low internet usage. And also for students who mostly use the internet for research. Because the Vianet Mini Internet Pack offers 75Mbps internet at a price as low as Rs. 800 per month.

When installing the internet package, you’ll be paying Rs. 9,600 for the internet. You’ll also get a single-band fiber WiFi device for free. The deposit for this device is Rs. 500. In total, including VAT and all, the first-time installation price should not exceed Rs 11,500.

Not long ago, we would be paying over Rs. 1500 for this internet speed. So this is an excellent deal for someone who needs internet but whose consumption is relatively lower. And what’s more, Vianet has partnered with Ncell to include a Free Ncell Simcard along with this internet package. Last time, Vianet introduced the purple pack in collaboration with Ncell. Moreover, you also get 48GB of mobile data on that Ncell sim card. So Vianet has your internet covered, even when you’re not home. The 48GB of mobile data is distributed throughout the year giving you 4GB of mobile data monthly for free.

The 48GB of mobile data is not the only good thing about this sim card. For instance, you will also get 50 minutes of free voice call (Ncell-Ncell) per month. Additionally, you also get free 50 SMS (Ncell-Ncell). Oh, and did we tell you that, with this sim, you get to call the Vianet Call Centre Ncell Number for free as well?

This is a lot to take in. There are just too many features in the Vianet Mini Internet Pack. Nevertheless, here’s a table to sum up the Ncell sim features.


As this package is targeted for the celebration of New Year, it’s a limited-time offer. And the Ncell Simcard that you get with the Vianet Mini Internet Pack is also available in limited quantities. All the more reason to hurry up and grab this offer.

Vianet Mini Internet Pack-FUP

The fair usage policy (FUP) of Vianet’s Mini Internet pack is also as good as the offer. The speed starts throttling only after 450GB of data is used, which is a good margin considering that the speed is 75Mbps. Let’s also look at the fact that this plan is specially created for households with low data usage. So you get to enjoy 15GB of internet every day. All at a price of Rs. 800 per month.


Wrapping it Up

Vianet Mini Internet Pack is a perfect offer for anyone whose internet usage is low but they use the internet nonetheless. And the fact that you get a Ncell Simcard with free 48GB of mobile data, free voice calls, and SMS every month, makes it even more exciting. The only catch here is that the sim card is available in limited quantities and in limited areas. So you need to hurry up if you want this offer. It won’t stay for long.

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