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Vianet Ultra-Fi Internet Review: Best Internet Plans for Over 100Mbps


Ultra Experience, Ultra Entertainment, Ultra Value, Vianet is here with a plan that delivers all of these. The Ultra-Fi campaign from Vianet is nothing like the past internet plans and everything like the future of the internet connections in Nepal. And in this article, we’re going to talk about our review of Vianet’s new Ultra-Fi campaign and the plans included in it. We’ll also discuss Vianet’s new router and its capabilities.

Vianet’s Ultra-Fi Campaign

A decade ago, having WiFi in your house was a big deal. Even just before a few years, an internet connection over 100Mbps was very exclusive and pricey. But that all changed when CGNET introduced a low-cost high-speed internet connection. Although Subisu was building a 400Gbps optical network and Dish Home also had plans to bring a 200Mbps internet connection to tackle the issue, CGNET arrived first in the market. And as of now, Vianet, Worldlink, and other ISPs have also arrived with over 100Mbps of internet connection.

Vianet has been one of the best Internet Service Providers in Nepal. The company’s been providing services for a long time. And Vianet knew it was time to up the game because the internet consumption of every household has spiked recently. Finally, this year Vianet launched the Ultra-Fi campaign: high-speed internet at a very low price.

Vianet Internet

In this Ultra-Fi Campaign, Vianet is introducing the following:

  • New internet plans: 125Mbps, 175Mbps, and 250Mbps paired with viaTV at unbelievable prices
  • Dual-Band ONU (router)
  • Speed upgrade for existing packages

Let’s talk about the cost first because that’s one of the best points about this package. You get one of the best price per Mbps values with these plans of  Vianet. For instance, in the 175 Mbps plan, you only need to pay Rs. 7 per Mbps.  And this price lessens even more in the 250Mbps plan. For that plan, you’ll only be paying Rs. 6 per Mbps.

In addition to that, you also get free TV subscriptions with these plans. You get 1, 2, and 3 viaTV subscriptions for the respective 125, 175, and 250Mbps plans.

Vianet has launched the Ultra-Fi package to enhance the experience for Work, School, and Play. And they have optimized the Ultra-Fi plans for uninterrupted video calls, lag-less gaming, and uninterrupted streaming. And considering the prices, the package lives up to the expectations.

Talking about the price, here’s a list of Ultra-Fi plans with their prices.

1 Month 3 Months 1 Year
Vianet Ultra-Fi 125 TV+ Rs 1,400 Rs 4,050 Rs 13,200 (Rs 1100 per month)
Vianet Ultra-Fi 175 2TV+ Rs 1,550 Rs 4,500 Rs 15,000(Rs 1250 per month)
Vianet Ultra-Fi 250 3TV+ Rs 1,900 Rs 5,550 Rs 18,000(Rs 1500 per month)

With this table, it should be clear that Vianet has brought an excellent internet plan for everyone. And as mentioned, they didn’t just introduce new plans, they upgraded the existing plans of their users as well. In this upgrade, the internet speed of users has seen an increase ranging from 65Mbps to a whopping 240Mbps upgrade.

So if you’re already a Vianet user, you’re in for a big treat. You get over 100Mbps speed at the same price. You may need to change your router though. Because the routers that you’re using might only support an internet speed of 100Mbps. For the new high-speed plans, you need routers like Huawei AX3 or Mi Router 4C.

And talking about routers, we also used the dual-band ONU (router) from Vianet and reviewed it.

Vianet Dual-Band ONU (Router) Review

The old routers were struggling to keep with the exponentially increasing internet consumption of Nepal. And at the same time, impressive internet speeds also got introduced in Nepal. So the demand for a new, more powerful, and more capable router grew. And due to this very reason, Vianet decided it was time to launch a powerful router.

vianet 5G router in Nepal

The dual-band router from Vianet has four antennas to spread the internet connection throughout the room and beyond. It also has 4 LAN ports that support a gigabit connection. It also has dual-band WiFi. So it doesn’t matter whether your phone supports 5G or 4G, you can enjoy a high-speed connection. The router is also aesthetically pleasing to look at.

However, there’s one downside to this router that cannot be overlooked. The indicator lights in this router are very dim. So dim that they completely disappear in the daylight. And you won’t even be able to tell if it’s powered on unless you cover the light and get close.

Our Take on Vianet’s Ultra-Fi Plan

During our review period, we enjoyed using the 175Mbps plan of the Ultra-Fi package. The speed was incredible and we were enjoying it the entire time. While testing the speed, we found the speed to be consistent 175Mbps on the download and 177Mbps on the upload. We did this test while using an ethernet cable and we did it on

Vianet Speed Test on LAN

On WiFi, we found the speed to be 120Mbps on the download and 125 Mbps on the upload. We had no complaints about the speed of the Ultra-Fi plan. Moreover, our gaming experience on this internet connection was also superb. We were enjoying a constant 65ms ping while playing Valorant. And while playing Pubg, we got to enjoy a ping of around 50ms which gave us a satisfying gaming experience.

Vianet Speed Test on WiFi

Vianet vs Other Internet Service Providers

While Vianet’s Ultra-Fi campaign is on a league of its own, there’s no denying that there are similar plans from other ISPs as well. For example, there’s the 120Mbps plan from CGNET at Rs. 999 and the photon series from Wordlink. These two are by far have the most competitive plans when compared to Vianet. Because the plan from CGNET is cheaper at just Rs. 999. And the photon series from Worldlink has the fastest plan at 600Mbps.

In spite of all that, Vianet still sits atop when it comes to high-speed internet at a low price. This is thanks to the viaTV subscriptions users get with the plans and the low price-per-Mbps value.

Wrapping It Up

Vianet is a reliable name for broadband and WiFi connections at low prices in Nepal. It’s true that the Ultra-Fi package is not the cheapest or the fastest. But it still is an excellent deal for everyone that needs a TV subscription along with an internet connection.




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