Vivo Under Display Fingerprint sensor
Vivo Under Display Fingerprint sensor

Vivo debuts under-display fingerprint sensor from Qualcomm

The most anticipating news in the tech world nowadays is about the fingerprint sensor under the display. There were a lot of leaks and rumors about Samsung Galaxy S8 to feature an under-display fingerprint sensor. However, the news was another way around when Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus came with a regular fingerprint sensor. Many tech geeks are already expecting an under-display fingerprint sensor on the upcoming Samsung and Apple devices.

But again, the news remains only on rumors and leaks and we can’t really be sure of what to expect and whatnot. But, the good news is that a number of companies are working on the embedded under-display fingerprint sensors. Recently, Qualcomm has announced that the under-display fingerprint sensor will be out for summer 2018. This gives us a hint that after Samsung and other companies, Qualcomm is also working on this technology.

Qualcomm's under-display sensor
Qualcomm’s under-display sensor

Qualcomm hopes to use “ultrasonic fingerprint detection” to make their technology capable of working under metals and glass. The company is hoping to push the limits by making their technology capable of sensing heart rate and blood flow. The sensor will work underwater as well. Although the under-display sensor will be ready within a few months, we cannot expect any new devices to feature Qualcomm’s sensor until 2018.

Vivo XPlay 6 features the new under-display fingerprint sensor

On other news, however, Vivo already has a working prototype of the inbuilt fingerprint sensor. Qualcomm has allowed Vivo to use its elegant prototype solution of the under-display fingerprint reader. Vivo Xplay 6 comes with a working prototype of Qualcomm’s all new and advanced fingerprint sensor. The recent designing of the sensor shows that it will be integrated under polymers, ceramics, and glass.

The performance of the under-display fingerprint technology looks very promising although response time is quite slow. Additionally, Qualcomm has to find its way through the correct sensor to display the ratio for it to work efficiently. Vivo also mentioned that even the whole screen could be used as the sensor but the production cost would dramatically rise up. However, they are looking to attach the sensor on the bottom half of the screen.

Vivo XPlay 6 with prototype under-display fingerprint
Vivo XPlay 6 with prototype under-display fingerprint sensor

The sensor is unaffected by dirt, sweat and even underwater. It has its bright sides but it is a long way before it replaces the traditional fingerprint readers. Speed might be a real issue as it takes some seconds to function. The challenge for the company would be to make it practical and cost-effective. However, the company is dedicated to providing a working technology to users by 2018. Device cost may increase significantly for devices with an embedded under-display fingerprint but it is still good to see companies working for it.

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