vivo smartphone warranty extends in Nepal

vivo Extends the warranty of its smartphones in Nepal

As the Crucial time of the Novel COVID-19 outbreak has had a very bad outcome all over the world, we hope you are staying home and staying safe.  

Now, following the government directives vivo has taken a step towards the safety measure as well. The global smartphone brand has closed all of its service centers in Nepal until further notice. This is the strict measure that has been taken to ensure the wellbeing of customers and employees.

However, in order to pay compensation vivo has decided to extend the warranty of its smartphones in Nepal. Warranty Period expiring on 22nd March 2020 has been extended till 23rd May 2020. Which will be 2 months extra time period of the customers whose warranty date is about to expire in March. 

vivo smartphone warranty extends in Nepal

Further stating Mr. Mars, the general Manager of vivo Nepal has also said: “In these crucial times, we stand firm to our commitment and this warranty extension is provided to facilitate our valued customers amid the COVID-19 outbreak.” 

Vivo has already taken a swerve of inventiveness to curb the spread of COVID-19. Employees in Nepal are asked to work from home to support the vivo users. According to them, during these tough times, the wellbeing of their customers, partners, employees and fellow citizens is their number one priority. Also for that very reason, Vivo has decided to suspend all our new product launches offline. 

The offer will duly remain unchanged until further notice and Vivo customers can also reach out to the Nepali vivo officials via official website and social media channels for all service-related uncertainties.

Let’s hope this hard time period gets off quickly and everything becomes normal soon, but this is for you that we bring all sorts of tech-news and we are willing to be at your service 24/7. So, keep on visiting our website for your share of daily tech-news.  

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