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What is up with Google’s Pixelbook

Announced on October 4 and released on the 31st, Google’s new laptop the ‘Pixelbook’ has people questioning who would buy an overpriced Chromebook. Reviewers have already put out tons of reviews on Google’s new premium device. And everyone seems to agree that it is a solid piece of hardware but who is it for?

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First the specs:

The Chromebook is powered by Intel’s Kaby-Lake series of processors (Core i5 or Core i7). It comes with flash storage ranging from 128 GB to 512 GB depending upon the variant. The 12.3-inch touch screen has a 3:2 aspect ratio. And it can fold a full 360 degrees. Add to that a relatively small and light (1.1 kg) form factor, this can easily act as a replacement for your tablets.

Google pixelbook
Google pixelbook

But why ChromeOS?

The Chromebook runs on ChromeOS a great lightweight Operating system. It’s capable of running any app from the Google Playstore. And that’s about it. And this is where the problem starts. Google has developed an amazing device that is incapable of running anything other than Android apps. Starting at $999, the Pixelbook defeats the whole purpose of a Chromebook.


If you’re someone looking to buy a Chromebook, you probably have a few key requirements in mind. Above all the affordability. People generally buy a Chromebook when they have no need for a high-end notebook. It takes care of basic stuff like emails, basic productivity tasks, watching youtube videos, movies, etc. There’s not much you can do on a ChromeOS. And the hardware requirements for the OS are not that great either. The core i7 is definitely an overkill.

At $999, you could get laptops with more powerful processors, more storage and also an Nvidia GPU (like Dell Inspiron 7567). For around $500 you could get a Chromebook (like Samsung Chromebook Pro) that can do anything a Pixelbook can do.

So the question is who is the Pixelbook aimed at? If you’re someone whose computing needs are satisfied by ChromeOS and will settle for nothing but the best in terms of design and performance then the Pixelbook is for you. Otherwise, you are better off with anything else.

There is no news of the Pixelbook releasing in Nepal. But I doubt it will be popular in the country. As it is the same for all Chromebooks in general.

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