Android Vs windows phone

What to Choose: Android or Windows Phone?

People find themselves running up and down the market, on the internet and sundry other places before settling down to any digital device. Smartphones, owing to their vital importance in particular, keep many people up at night. And then the common debates spur regarding which operating system should be preferred: Android, Windows, Blackberry or iOS. For those who don’t use iPhones usually go for either android or windows phone. Online shopping places such as Kaymu have all sorts of mobile phones in their inventory which you can order and get delivered. If you have any doubts or queries regarding the difference between android and windows phones, here is a brief synopsis of compare and contrast between these two operating system and few benefits of the respective OS that can help you decide better in choosing your smartphone.

Android vs windows phone
Android vs windows phone


Introduced in 2007, android is an open source OS that can be availed, used and modified by web developers, coders, wireless carriers and other tech enthusiasts. Since android is open source, manufacturers have the liberty to modify and change the system according to their required needs. So, rather than developing a whole new in-house OS, manufacturers just make some necessary changes and they are good to go.

It is currently owned by Google. As a matter of fact, taking the advantage, google launched its own series of android mobile phones: Google Nexus. The best part of android is that developers get to make the best out of their skills. Since, it is an open source OS, coders and developers develop content apps and games of their own and put them up on Google Play for free, where people come and download for free as well. This way, these rookies get their work showcased without any cost.


Windows is closed source, Microsoft Corporation owned operating system which provides its users a defined set of features, apps and software. Consumer phone market in their primary target instead of enterprise market. What often puts it on the back seat is the limited number of apps it offers to its users as compared to apple store and google play.

Some people term it extremely user friendly as they have put the apps in alphabetical order. Typing ‘T’ will directly lead you to Twitter etc. (btw windows does have twitter integration which people otherwise believe it doesn’t). Also, the battery can be replaced with each headset.

What people also like about windows phone is the constant update feature where your icons keep on moving according to the recent updates.

The question regarding which one is better: android or windows ultimately remains a subjective matter. Some people find android the ultimate choice whereas others find windows to be the best option. Factually android phones are much more easily available in the market.