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Whatsapp updates its status section with more options and Features


Whatsapp has enrolled new options in its status feature that let users post any photographs or short videos in that part, which can be viewed by all of their saved contacts for 24 hours. Now the WhatsApp feature has now been upgraded with features. Let’s get into the details. 

Whatsapp new status features

Moving on to what new features have been added, voice messages can now be recorded and shared. These recordings can limit up to 30 seconds. You can pick who can have access to these recordings and privacy settings per status. While responding and reacting to status was introduced last year the feature gained popularity and was reportedly the most often requested feature for WhatsApp.

new status updates on WhatsApp

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Users can react By swiping up and selecting one of the eight emojis. You can respond by text, voicemail, or stickers as well. 

Likewise, A new status profile ring will be visible around your contact’s profile picture whenever they share a status update, and it will be visible in the chat list, group participant lists, and contact info section.

Finally, link previews are now enabled in status updates, just like they are in conversations. This means whenever you publish a link on your status, the preview will automatically appear, improving the appearance of your status and letting your contacts know what the link is about before tapping on it.

These were the overall features of the newly updated Whatsapp status feature. 


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