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Why is Xiaomi becoming popular in Nepal?


As a brand its quite tough to get loyal and satisfied customers. Brands have to do something out of the box to stay in the market. It’s a tough time for all the tech giants to stay in the game and we have seen brands like Nokia, Blackberry, HTC which had more than 40-50% market share in there peak time, and now they are nothing more than nostalgia. This led to the rise of new and innovative brands in the market, and one of them was Xiaomi. Xiaomi has shown immense growth in this past decade and is, one of the youngest companies to features on the Forbes list in various categories.

Xiaomi getting strong in Nepali Market

Talking a bit about the Xiaomi’s history in Nepal, it took them a bit of time to enter in the Nepali market. It was around the first quarter of 2016 when we first started to see Xiaomi devices in Nepal. In there starting time, Xiaomi was always accused by launching its devices at much higher prices than the Indian market. Xiaomi Nepal knew this and in the course of time, with the iteration of two distributors and neck-to-neck pricing, Xiaomi was able to deliver what consumers always wanted (HONEST PRICE). Recently, Xiaomi has also been declared the No. 1 Smartphone brand in Nepal, according to the report of IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker.

Why is Xiaomi becoming Popular Among Nepali Smartphone users?

It takes a lot for a brand to establish them in the market and also to carry on with the ever-growing competition. Xiaomi has done that greatly in past few years. The way the brand has grown in Nepal is quite extraordinary. In India Xiaomi, firstly disrupted the online market and then went into offline growth, but in Nepal, the online mobile market didn’t have a great share and was still growing. To tackle that, Xiaomi Nepal brought some online exclusive devices, some best bang for the buck products, and showed their online presence in the Nepali market, and through its offline retail partners, they covered the offline market too. Also few of the other things making Xiaomi popular in Nepal are,

1) Mi Fan Community  #NoMiwithoutYou

Xiaomi has always been known for there Mi Fans. Xiaomi Nepal has a strong community of Mi Fans in Nepal too. All the Mi fans together are contributing to the community from there side. Mi fans are always among the first to know about upcoming products and prices. On Facebook, Mi Fan Club – Nepal has more than 9K active members. Here they discuss upcoming launches, newly launched products, and all other queries of Mi Fans.

Mi Fans helping each other to fix the issue
Mi Fans helping each other to fix the issue

2) Brand engagement with the audience

Xiaomi Nepal is very much in contact with there customers and Mi fans. They listen to there customers and makes changes in the products and lineups according to the customers need. Large community and friendly brand officials have made Xiaomi the talk of the town. Also, the Mi Fan club has played a major role, it has brought three different categories of people together. The first one being the brand officials, the second one is the hardcore Mi Fans, while the third is a group of new Mi fans, who are always curious to know more.

Mr. Sourabh Kothari (Country GM of Xiaomi Nepal) engaging with Mi Fans
Mr. Sourabh Kothari (Country GM of Xiaomi Nepal) engaging with Mi Fans

3) Best Device in every price segment

Currently, Xiaomi sells more than 25 different variants of devices in different price segments. It starts with Redmi Go at Rs. 7,499 and goes till Rs. 89,999 for there Mi 10 5G. This gives Xiaomi a lot of advantages, currently, we have at least one Xiaomi mobile in every possible price segment. Not only that, these devices are giving a tough competition to the other OEMs in the Market and are outperforming most of them in both sales and performance.

Recently Xiaomi has also launched two new Mi smart TVs in Nepal, both offer great value for the money. If Xiaomi continues to launch more affordable smart TVs in Nepal, then we might see Xiaomi on the top 3 list very soon in Smart TV categories.

4) Brand loyalty

As a brand, you should always try your best to make your customer happy because one happy customer leads to more new customers. If we like a product from any brand, we tend to recommend it to others and also buy from the same brand next time. Mi fans have great brand loyalty toward Xiaomi. This leads to the growth of the brand with new customers and also retaining existing customers.

These are the few factors that are the reasons for the growing popularity of Xiaomi in the Nepali market. What are your thought about Xiaomi products and which smartphone are you currently using? Let us know in the comment section below.

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