Will AMD beat Intel and Nvidia in 2017?


For years now Intel has been dominating the CPU market. Intel core i series is the most popular brand of CPUs providing excellent performance for both laptops and desktops alike. However their progress has been slowing down due to a lack of competition. Take for example, their new seventh generation Kaby Lake processors, it shows only minor incremental improvements to the previous Sky Lake processors. AMD has not been able to match the performance of intel series and looking like even less of a threat to Intel in the recent months.

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AMD is trailing in the GPU market as well, which seems to be completely dominated by Nvidia. Nvidia which released their GTX 10 series of graphics card this year, are the go to choices for gamers everywhere. While AMD does provide some excellent budget options like RX 460( for around $100), it’s flagship GPUs are still no match for Nvidia’s flagship GTX 1080.

AMD is looking to beat the competition this year with their new lineup of CPUs and GPUs. AMD have finally announced their new lineup of CPUs with the ‘zen‘ architecture- code named ‘summit-ridge‘. The CPU has been in development for four years now. They are officially calling it Ryzen CPUs. AMD demoed its new CPU at CES 2017 and showed to have 40% better performance compared to its previous generation of CPUs. It also showed to have better performance than Intel’s latest generation chips. The Ryzen CPUs will have 8 physical cores with multithreading for a total of 16 threads. That’s a very high core count for consumer grade CPUs. The CTO of AMD revealed that the zen architecture will have a lifespan of 4 years unlike other CPUs.

AMD Ryzen cpu

On the GPU front, AMD is stepping up their game with their new Vega architecture. Not to say that their previous Polaris architecture based GPUs were bad, but it could not outperform Nvidia’s flagship GPUs. These new GPUs were also demoed in CES and impressed many critics. It showed its gaming potential by running Doom on ultra settings at around 70fps. To put things in perspective Nvidia’s flagship 1080 could only run Doom at 50-60 frames per second. And it easily outperforms last years flagship Fury X (45% performance boost).

AMD GPU demo at CES 2017

However these new CPUs and GPUs are months away from the official launch but the specs look very promising. Its pricing and launch dates are yet to be revealed by AMD. But perhaps 2017 could be the year it makes a big impact on the CPU and GPU market.

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