Will cloud gaming replace real gaming in the future?


While the term ‘cloud gaming’ may seem futuristic, it has been around for many years. Companies like Sony and Nvidia have been providing cloud gaming services for some time now. For those who are unaware, cloud gaming is basically a service which allows its subscribers to stream the games to your PCs or media devices. The service will not require you to have the highest end gaming devices, only a stable internet connection and a media device.


The concept does seem very intriguing, however there are many issues in this notion which might be a turn off to many people. First of all streaming games, especially high graphics games will require high internet bandwidth, which many people in our country simply don’t have. But as the internet connectivity of the nation improves, cloud gaming might seem more viable. Another issue is latency. There is no getting around the fact that there will be some input delay when sending data to the servers. This can sometimes make the games unplayable. But services like Geforce Now and PS Now have managed to keep the latency so low that it is virtually not noticeable.

PS Now cloud service

Once you get past the negative aspects, cloud gaming seems like a great option. One of the biggest issues for PC gamers is that the system gets outdated rather quickly. And users are required to frequently change parts. Cloud gaming removes the need to have a high end gaming rig altogether. The games are run on the server which have the required hardware to run the game smoothly. For example, Nvidia’s Geforce Now servers(Geforce grid) are equipped with GTX 1060 and GTX 1080 GPUs which are one of the best GPUs available right now. And for a certain fee, you will have access to those hardware to run and stream any game to your own PC. Similarly PS Now is another service which allows you to stream PS3 games to your PC without having to own a PS3 yourself.

Geforce grid

While you cannot deny that cloud gaming is simply more convenient, most gamers would prefer the traditional way. That feeling of owning a gaming system whether it be a PC or a console is a big part of the gaming experience. Also there aren’t really many cloud services available in the country, so for the time being gaming with your own equipment is the best way to game. And that will probably be the best way for most people for many years to come.

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