Windows 10 Creators Update -Improved gaming performance and more


It’s good news for Windows 10 users and even better news for gamers. Windows 10 is releasing a major update in April 2017. It is called the creators update and Microsoft has announced that it will be free. But what will this update mean?


As you have probably guessed, the new update will provide gaming improvements. Updated users will have access to a new feature called ‘Game Mode’ . It is unclear how this mode will function but Microsoft claims it will significantly improve the gaming performance.

Since last year, the company has been trying to integrate their Xbox gaming platform with the OS. So unsurprisingly, windows is introducing additional features focused on the gaming platform. Xbox users will be able to stream their games to the Beam live streaming platform. They will also have new features for implementing parental locks in games.The update will have many gaming related perks but this is not the only focus for Creators update. It will focus on improving several key aspects including connectivity, performance and an overall better experience.

Windows has shown great interest in the field of mixed realities and 3D. It will release a wide range of new tools like Paint 3D for 3D modelling and View 3D for viewing 3D models. Including some tools that will allow users to better experience Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Microsoft previously announced a new and exciting feature to come with the update called MyPeople. This tool will help users better connect and socialize. They will be able to share documents, communicate and collaborate with different people in their contact lists. Additionally users can add contacts from different platforms including Xbox, Outlook and Skype. Microsoft got many people excited with MyPeople during the Creators Update event. However Windows recently mentioned via a blog post that this feature has been delayed until the next major update, Redstone 3.

MyPeople feature
Some other new changes worth mentioning are:
  • Improved windows store with added Ebooks and themes section.
  • Changes in User Interface,
  • Cortana’s cross pc-support for access from different devices
  • Storage sense feature that will automatically clean unnecessary files
  • Users can pause updates for up to 35 days
  • Slidebar for adjusting power usage

    Power management slider

Some of these updates are already available to those who have signed up for Windows Insiders program. The rest of us will have to wait till March for this update to officially roll out.

With the vast number of changes and improvements, the Creators update looks very promising. Microsoft has always been the go-to platform for gamers. But with this update, it looks to be the OS of choice for the ‘creative’ types as well. What do you think about the creators update? Let us know in the comments below. For more tech news and tech related articles, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.


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