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Windows 11 and its Features.


Windows 11 is the latest version introduced of the Windows operating system. This version was launched on October 11 in 2021. This updated version was released finally after six years. Those who have the previous version of windows 10 can easily get access to the new update for free. So all devices that are already compatible can easily run on the desktop. However, if you don’t really want to change your windows 10, it’s totally fine. The windows will be available until 2025.

How to upgrade the system:

You can easily upgrade the system by checking out the Microsoft official page!! click the:

Getting the latest upgrade is easy just like its previous series. The simple and easiest steps to follow for the update are:

  1. Go to settings and click update and security.
  2. Click the windows update, you can check out the latest updates that you might be missing.
  3. If you see a feature update to the Windows 11 option, click the download and install.

Let’s check out what’s new on the windows:

Features of windows 11:

The design:

New Project 47

The design is affected by key factors such as calmness, familiarity, connection, flexibility, and others. It features a sleek design, with blue pastels circling beautifully in the center. Moodboard with equally fleek smooth shades of beautiful themes, illustrations, icons, and overall look. The unique and new update is the start menu along with the taskbar is now staged in the centre. Windows 11 has debuted with a softer, less intimidating, and cleaner overlook this time.


New Project 48

Widgets are now available too!! A similar feature was also available on the windows 10 update called the news and interest panel. The taskbar on windows 10 provided a series of news, and articles of interest and kept updating regularly. Windows 11 has further pushed the idea. Now the feature updates your personalized feed of news, weather, traffic, sports, and stock market data, powered by AI for customization and Edge for rendering. The panel is on the left but can be customized to fill up the whole screen.

The windows team:

The windows team featuring on the windows taskbar

This communication platform has been hitting on for the past few years, especially during the pandemic. This tool helped with video chat, messaging, and other effective ways of communication as people started getting connected on the internet more than ever. Usually used with the purpose of a workplace, now the tool is available on the taskbar with the aim of easy access to people as well as more reach.

The action center:

addition of action center of the windows team.

The brand new special feature of windows 11 is the action center. With its mobiles like the design of its system and features, windows make important tools and functions to be easily available for the users. This center splits into Quick Settings, Notifications, and a music controller into separate sections. It is available when you click on the unified wifi, volume, and battery tool. You can see controls such as volumes and brightness. Specific buttons such as battery saver, Bluetooth, settings, and many more. 

Microsoft store:

Microsoft store is also now available at the windows

The Microsoft store is one of the new packed features in the windows operating system. The windows have packed lots of stock apps and games powered by the Amazon App Store. These apps can be available only through the amazon store. Accessing Android Apps for PC with Windows 11 has a few hardware requirements like at least 8 GB of RAM, a solid-state drive, and a supported processor. The store also offers tv shows and movies.

The snap layouts:

featuring new snap layouts on the windows 11

Again with the new features package, windows have come out with amazing snap layouts that help you to control the windows on various layouts. these layouts are saved and accessible from the app taskbar icons so you don’t have to re-create them after doing something else on the PC. on your windows maximize button, point your mouse to the maximize button, and various screens layouts will be displayed on its size. 

New settings:

redesigned settings of windows 11

Windows 11 has even taken its setting to a completely new design for the first time ever. The setting menu is totally set with menus and setting options for easy system navigations and changes. Like a typical settings menu, there will be access to system settings categorized on the system, Bluetooth and devices, apps, gaming, privacy, and security. The following settings feature options on the left side, so it’s easy to choose options rather than going back and forth for another option.

Screen and battery usage:

power consumption display on windows 11

As we have talked about the system settings, one of the new features has also been added to the settings. The power and battery menu on the settings menu now displays your battery usage and screen time. the data is presented in a graph along with apps that have consumed your battery per usage.

These were the few changes that we have covered for those who are new to windows 11. While other features are yet to be explored and updated, what is your review on the latest windows edition?? Now, windows 11 is the second most popular window edition with windows 10 being its successor by six times the market share. What windows have you been updating your pc currently?? do hit us in the comments. 

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