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Microsoft Unveils Windows 11- Create, Connect, Play


After 6 years of the last iteration of Windows 10, Microsoft revealed the new Windows 11 OS via an online virtual event on June 24 at 11 AM EST. Microsoft was announced and unveiled the new Windows through a live stream on Youtube. The event featured Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer; Panos Panay, Microsoft’s product officer; Carmen Zlateff, the partner director of Windows user experience; Philip McClure, Product Marketing Lead; and Sarah Bond, the Corporate Vice President of Xbox.

Previously, some major features of Windows 11 were leaked online. Nevertheless, there was no confirmation. Microsoft had not officially announced the real name of the upcoming software- which caused all sorts of rumors and theories regarding the name. The software is true ‘Windows 11’; the rumors came out to be true.

The new Windows is the successor of Windows 10 that is widely used throughout the world at present. And Windows 11 is likely to roll out to Windows users in about the holiday season.

windows 11

Windows 11

Panay describes Windows 11 as ‘the Windows that brings you closer to the things you love in the live stream. Furthermore, he adds that Windows is faster than its predecessor. And, the Windows updates are 40% smaller and more efficient. The OS uses less energy, enhancing your laptop and PC’s battery life. Panay claims that ‘Windows 11 is the most secure windows yet’.

With some major updates in UI, Windows 11 has more advanced upgrades that enhance your productivity, facilitates multi-tasking, and motivates you to be creative. The partner director in Windows UI states that the upgrades made to the OS are ‘complexity made simpler.’

Moreover, Windows 11 and many other great updates feature Auto HDR and Direct Storage API to improve your gaming experience. With the new Windows 11, you can be creative, connect with your loved ones and gain a great gaming experience.

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Windows 11 major upgrades

With the new Windows 11, Microsoft aims to ease their users’ work, home, and gaming life with their advanced updates. Let’s get to know some major upgrades in Windows.

Snap Layout

Snap Layout is probably the coolest and the newest feature in the new OS. You can arrange your windows in different layouts and portions of your computer screen to enhance productivity. Snap feature is available on the minimize icon of the application. With few clicks, you can easily set up your windows on the screen and get your task done efficiently.

Docking and Undocking

This upgrade ensures that you do not miss out on the tasks you were performing after some distractions. Windows 11 pins the applications and software that you were previously using in the taskbar. So, you can easily continue from where you left.

The feature also facilitates next-level of multi-tasking as you can easily switch projects or applications without fearing losing any previous files or data.

Windows Widgets

Microsoft has brought back the Windows Widgets in a more elegant and advanced form. The translucent glass-like sheet appears after clicking the widget’s icon in the right corner of the taskbar. With Windows widgets, you can easily take a break in between your work and surf around entertaining, updating with news, or motivating yourself.

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Gaming with Xbox Tech

Windows 11 features better graphics with Auto HDR that automatically updates the lighting and color to a high dynamic range in your games. Moreover, Windows 11 ensures faster speed of new games in a well-performing PC because of Direct Storage API.

Good news for gamers, Windows 11 features an Xbox game pass built into the Windows 11 through Xbox app. It allows the gamers to download and enjoy the games at an affordable price.

Integrated Android Apps

Another coolest upgrade is the integrated android apps. You can easily install Android apps using the Amazon App store with Intel Bridge technology. With this feature, you can swipe through Tiktok as if it were on your phone.

Integrated Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams will be directly integrated into the taskbar of Windows 11, making it more accessible. Microsoft aims to facilitate its users to connect with their loved ones easily. The teams will be accessible from Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS.

No-Keyboard adaptability

The feature is for screen-touch devices. The feature includes bigger touch space between icons, bigger touch targets to ease the mobility of windows, snap feature that adapts as per the device’s orientation, and gestures that help you work efficiently.

Moreover, to facilitate interaction with your PC, the new OS features an easy touch keyboard and voice typing along with voice commands.

So, when is the release date for Windows 11?

Windows 11 will be available as an early beta download from next week. The windows will release the public beta probably in July and officially release to all the compatible PCs around the holiday season, the last of 2021, and will continue in 2022. And the best news of all, the present Windows 10 users can update their windows to Windows 11 free of cost.


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