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Microsoft launching the Windows 11 on June 24


Microsoft is all set to release its next-generation Windows on June 24. Even though Microsoft has not yet officially cited the launch of Windows 11, there are more than enough hints and leaks to back up the rumors about its launch.

Panos Pandey, the Chief Product Officer at Microsoft, had previously posted a teaser for the June 24th event that has a hint of number 11 in its animation. Besides, Microsoft has also posted an 11 minutes long video on Youtube with a new Windows startup sound. Moreover, the software giant has also shifted the regular event time to 11 AM EST. What more hints could Microsoft drop for its upcoming launch?

The upcoming Windows 11 OS has also been leaked on the internet after some screenshots were published at the Chinese site Baidu. Some major changes and upgrades have already been identified from the leaked screenshots from its new UI, start menu, new startup sound, and more.

Some of the leaked and rumored features of the upcoming OS have been confirmed directly or indirectly by different valid sources and Microsoft itself. Nevertheless, many claims about people believe the new OS to be very similar to its predecessors.

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Windows 11 Features (Rumors/ Leaks)

New Logo

Starting with the basics, the upcoming version of OS will feature a redesigned Windows logo with a blue square logo with rounded corners instead of the trapezoidal logo with sharp corners.

Icons in the taskbar

The icons pinned in the taskbar are centered instead of being arranged in the left corner of the taskbar like the previous Windows OS. A search option is also added next to the start menu. The best thing about this arrangement is that the icons look less cramped and more distinct. Also, they don’t take up a lot of space compared to the other Windows.

Moreover, Microsoft is bringing Widgets back even more systematically. The new Windows 11 has a dedicated Widgets icon of the taskbar that allows you to access the widgets menu. The upgrade on Widgets is admirable. The widgets are bound to provide quick access to news, weather, and much other web content.

Besides these, Microsoft seems to have redesigned some other icons, including rounded corners, as a major change for many apps and icons.

New Setup Experience

Another addition in the UI is an upgrade in wallpapers. The upcoming Windows 11 seems to have upgraded wallpapers and more options, including dark ones. The new setup experience of the upcoming windows will give you some Windows 10X, the previously canceled windows OS, and vibes. Furthermore, Microsoft seems to have added a new startup sound in the new Windows.

Improved App Store

As per the leaked info, the upcoming Windows store seems to have some updates, including updates in its UI. Moreover, reports have confirmed that the store will be open to all types of games and applications to ease the developers to submit their Windows applications.

Improved Snap Assists

The upcoming Windows 11 also includes new snap controls that can be accessed through the maximize button on the apps. With this feature, you can snap the windows side by side by arranging the windows in a collage format.

These are the confirmed leaks of Windows 11, and we’ll get to know more about the next generation windows furthermore on the virtual event that’ll be held on June 24. Stay tuned and join Microsoft’s YouTube channel at 11 AM ESR to know more about the operating software.



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