Windows introduces new feature for Insiders – Windows Goodbye


As a part of creators update build 15002, windows has introduced a new feature called Dynamic lock. It is internally referred to as ‘Windows Goodbye‘ which seems like a more appropriate name given its functionality.

According to Windows Central, Dynamic lock is an optional feature found in the sign in settings of windows 10 which detects whether you are in front of the screen and locks the screen if not. It is not clear at the moment, how the system works. Perhaps there is a facial recognition system that will lock the system a while after the user has left. It would be very inconvenient if the system locked instantly after the user has left. If windows is able to implement this functionality properly, this will mean better overall security for the platform.

Dynamic Lock

This feature was rolled out as a part of the creators update beta build. This update is only available to the people who have signed into the windows insider program. They will receive new updates before everyone else. They will also have access to additional features like new programs( MS paint 3D) , customized User Interface and much more.

Windows has already released a similar feature earlier called ‘Windows Hello’. It is being used in many new laptops today. This feature unlocks the screen on detecting the users presence for ease of access. It uses ‘depth-cameras’ and Infrared waves for facial detection so that only the system user will be able to unlock the screen. So the chances are, you won’t be able to use this feature on laptops which do not support windows hello. As for the dynamic lock feature, we don’t know if it will use specialized cameras.

windows goodbye

With the windows hello and the dynamic lock feature, windows is taking a step towards making its platform more secure. We will know more about the dynamic lock feature when it is available in the mass windows 10 update.

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