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WorldLink Dashain Festvty Offer


One of the most popular ISP among Nepalese users is Worldlink with its various internet packages that come along with Iptv. Therefore looking at this popularity Worldlink has brought multiple offers for the customer for this Dashain. So in this article, we will talk about Worldlink’s Festvty offers along with its details information on offers, plans and prices.

When does WorldLink’s Dashain Offer “Festvty Offer” campaign start?

The “Festvty Offer” from Worldlink has already started all over Nepal whereas this scheme is applicable for only a limited period of time. Here unlike other brands offering sure shot gifts, bumper prize Worldlink didn’t choose these as its Dashain offers instead they opt-in to provide attractive priced internet packages along with IPTV.

WorldLink Dashain Offer

Worldlink Dashain Offers

Worldlink is one of Nepal’s most popular and reliable Internet service providers that offer various affordable and high-speed internet packages in Nepal. Whereas for this Dashain Worldlink brings three different offers for their customers those are Fast Offer, 2 Router Offer ( Internet Only+Beacon), and a Smart Offer (1TV).

Fast Offer

Months Bandwidth InternetONU DepositTotal Price
12 Months200MbpsRs 12,600Rs 500Rs 13,100
12 Months250MbpsRs 13,800Rs 500Rs 14,300
12 Months300MbpsRs 15,600Rs 500Rs 16,100
*exclusive of VAT

2 Router Offer (Internet Only + Beacon)

MonthsBandwidthInternetONU DepositBeacon 1.1 Rental Beacon 1.1 DepositTotal Price
12 Months200MbpsRs 12,600Rs 500FreeRs 1,500Rs 14,600
12 Months250MbpsRs 13,800Rs 500FreeRs 1,500Rs 15,800
12 Months300MbpsRs 15,600Rs 500FreeRs 1,500Rs 17,600
*exclusive of VAT

Smart Offer (1 TV)

MonthsBandwidthInternetNETTV ONU DepositBeacon 1.1 RentalBeacon 1.1 DepositTotal Price
12 Months200MbpsRs 12,600Rs 1,800Rs 500FreeRs 1,500Rs 16,900
12 Months250MbpsRs 13,800Rs 1,200Rs 500FreeRs 1,500Rs 17,500
12 Months300MbpsRs 15,600Rs 1,200Rs 500FreeRs 1,500Rs 19,300
*exclusive of VAT

So, What are your thoughts on Worldlink’s Dashain Offer? Let us know in the comment section below and also let us know which is your favorite offer among all of the listed above.

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