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WorldLink announces “Speed and Service Guarantee: नत्र Paisa firta” Scheme


One of the largest Internet service providers Worldlink understanding the significance of customer satisfaction and reliable Internet connection for our daily lives. Announced a new service where customers will be able to get a money-back guarantee for facing slow internet speeds under Worldlink’s “Speed and Service Guarantee: नत्र Paisa firta” campaign.

What is Worldlink’s “Speed and Service Guarantee: नत्र Paisa firta” Campaign?

WorldLink with full confidence in their ability to deliver reliable internet service to their customers proudly announces a money-back guarantee as a part of the “Speed and Service Guarantee: नत्र Paisa firta” Campaign. Where customers dissatisfied with the internet speed of WorldLink can now seek a refund along with providing them a tangible solution to their problems.

How does the WorldLink’s Money Back Guarantee on Speed and Service Scheme

Customers subscribed to the 200Mbps, 250Mbps, and 300Mbps packages will be eligible for this service if they experience sluggish internet performance. Whereas for the money-back guarantee, customers should report slow speeds internet issues through phone, branch office, or online services.

After the customer addresses their issues, a Worldlink representative will then visit the customer’s location to check the internet speed and address any issues. Where if the problem persists and speed continues to be unsatisfactory the customer can request a refund for the money-back guarantee service.

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Under the Paisa Firta service, Worldlink will refund the customer amount equivalent to the remaining days if the issue is approved at the customer’s end.

A thing to note when requesting money back, customers will receive an amount equivalent to the remaining day of their package. For example, if a customer subscribes to a 90 days package and had used 15 days they will be refunded for the remaining 75 days.

Initially, the money-back guarantee service is available in the main cities of the country including all major cities across 51 branches. You can visit Worldlink’s website for eligible branch locations.

“Speed and Service Guarantee: नत्र Paisa firta” Campaign Objective?

In today’s fast-paced world, a reliable internet connection has become an essential component of our daily lives for communication, entertainment, and business. However, internet service providers often face criticism for inconsistent speeds and unreliable connections.

Acknowledging this at a time when other companies are primarily focused on price and speed competition. Worldlink has been prioritizing to delivering quality service and as a result. Worldlink now has introduced a Money-back Guarantee service for customer-facing issues with slow internet as a dedication to customer satisfaction as a part of the ” Speed and Service Guarantee: नत्र Paisa first” campaign.

BTW What are your thoughts on WorldLink’s Money Back Guarantee on Speed and Service? Do comment with your thought on the initiative by WorldLink for reliable service.

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