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WorldLink announces a dedicated PUBG Mobile Gamers Internet Package with 4 exclusive Features.


Worldlink recognizes the rise of PUBG mobile popularity, its impact on the gaming industry, and esports with Nepalese talents such as DRS, Deadeyes, & T2K entering global competitions such as PMGC, PMPL, and PMWI. Worldlink, Nepal’s one of leading ISP signed an MOU with PUBG Mobile a few months ago to elevate the gaming experience. Therefore announces a dedicated Worldlink’s PUBG Mobile Gamers Internet Package so let’s get into details.

What is Worldlink’s PUBG Mobile Gamers Internet Package?

Worldlink’s PUBG Mobile Gamers Internet package is a partnership with PUBG Mobile to elevate the gaming experience and provide an interrupted and seamless environment for millions of PUBG players across Nepal. Therefore PUBG Mobile players with this dedicated package can now enjoy uninterrupted gaming, regardless of their location or device along with bringing faster upload speed and download speed. With significantly lowers latency boosting overall performance and experience.

Moreover, Worldlink’s PUBG Mobile Gamers Internet package brings 4 keys exclusive benefits for gamers. The first benefit as per Worldlink is PUBG gamers can experience smoother Gameplay with Worldlink’s optimized networks ensuring minimal lags and delays. Whereas Worldlink’s upgraded network architecture boasts a remarkably lowest latency minimizing the ping allowing it to respond quickly and secure last-second kills.

Worldlink's PUBG Mobile gamer Internet Package 01

While PUBG mobile players can now download updates and upload content faster with the latest game improvements. Likewise WorldLink also exclusively offers 24/7 support to address any technical issues for their PUBG gamers ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Additionally, besides these 4 key benefits, Worldlink’s PUBG mobile internet package ensures seamless online multiplayer where players team up and compete against each other. Furthermore, the package also enhances matchmaking reducing the waiting time between games, and faster matchmaking with quickly finding and joining matches.

WorldLink’s PUBG Mobile Gamers Packages?

WorldLink currently offers two speed options 250/300 Mbps for its exclusive PUBG gaming package along with a 3/12-month duration period. Likewise, add-on devices such as primary/ secondary Nokia Beacon 1.1 router costs extra but you can get a free Nokia Beacon 1.1 router on a 12-month package. Moreover, the package only includes Internet but NETTV can be added with additional setup charges.

The Worldlink PUBG mobile gamers packages are offered for both existing Worldlink users and new customers. So any customer is able to enjoy the exclusive package from Worldink to enhance their gaming experience.

PUBGM Gamer’s PackPrices
250Mbps – 3monthsRs.3,600
250Mbps – 12months (Free Beacon 1.1)Rs.13,800
300Mbps – 3monthsRs.4,050
300Mbps – 12 months (Free Beacon 1.1)Rs.15,600
*Excluding VAT

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