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“Elon Musk’s X Achieves Over 540 Million Monthly Users During Ongoing Organizational Transformations”


Elon Musk, a prominent entrepreneur, stands out for his remarkable contributions to technology and space exploration. Leading multiple companies like SpaceX and Tesla, he showcases unwavering determination towards achieving ambitious goals and fostering a sustainable future. He has recently announced that ‘X’ formerly known as Twitter had reached a new high of 540 million monthly users.

Elon Musk’s X Achieves Over 540 Million Monthly Users. For X this is rather good news as this comes after a period of Organizational changes such as renaming the company, and limiting posts to users, and even after Meta launched a direct competitor called “Threads” in the last month.

Elon Musk's X Achieves Over 540 million Monthly Users

Twitter officially changed to X

After Elon first acquired Twitter in October, he officially rebranded the company to X. His goal of building an “everything app” for X has been compared to that of WeChat, a well-liked messaging service in China. To further emphasize the change the famous blue bird emblem being replaced with the X symbol.

The news of hitting an all-time high comes at a crucial moment for Musk as Meta’s new app Threads had become the fastest-growing app for the last couple of weeks. Moreover, Elon to further reinstate X has installed a pulsating X sign over the Twitter headquarters in San Fransisco.

Elon Musk's X Achieves Over 540 million Monthly Users

Elon Musk and his obsession with ‘X’

Elon Musk’s obsession with the letter X is obvious given how frequently his enterprises generate news. His passion for the letter “X” extends to calling one of his kids “X,” which is covered in symbols and alphabets, and owning SpaceX.

Now, the letter X has a significant influence on all of Musk’s endeavors. The insignia appears on Tesla’s well-known electric vehicle, the Model X, and Twitter has changed its logo to just “X.” Musk’s affinity for the cryptic letter is evident from the fact that even the domain now points to Twitter.

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