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Xbox Series S – Does size really matters?


In the current scenario, online gaming is popular than ever, let it be PC Gaming community, mobile gaming, console, or handheld. Among the handhelds, Nintendo Switch (OLED) was recently launched in Nepal. Today in this article, let’s have a closer look into Xbox Series S. It’s a budget gaming console offering from Microsoft with some corners cut over the premium variant, the Series X. Let’s have a close look into the Xbox Series S along with its features, specs, and official price in Nepal. 

Xbox Series S Overview

xbox series s price in nepal

Xbox Series S Overview At the first glance, the Xbox Series S might look like a Speaker but don’t get confused with that. We get a White body with circular vents for cooling at the front. Xbox series S has a boxy design. We get all the regular ports like a Gigabit Ethernet port, along with 3 USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, WiFi 802.11ac which supports both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. Along with all this, we also get a single HDMI 2.1 port, storage expansion port, and SD card slot. 

Xbox Series S Specification

Now let’s have some look into the technical specs of the Xbox Series S. For the performance Xbox Series S is powered with a custom-made 8 core CPU from AMD with a maximum clock speed of upto 3.6Ghz. Whereas for the GPU we have AMD RDNA 2 GPU 20 CUs at 1.565GHz, with 4 teraflops. Talking about the memory configuration we get 10GB RAM with 8GB supporting speeds upto 224 GB/s while 2GB supporting upto 56 GB/s. While for the storage we get a 512GB default configuration, which can be easily expanded via various options mention below.

Xbox Series S Gaming and Streaming

Keeping all this aside let’s talk about the gaming performance of the device. As I already told you it’s not the most powerful gaming console that Microsoft has to offer but still for its price it’s among the best bang for your buck devices. The device can handle gaming upto 2K resolution at 60fps while maxing out at 120fps. If you are trying to get into console gaming or in search of a gaming device on budget, then I think you won’t go wrong with the Xbox Series X. Also talking about the controller the new wireless controller features textured triggers and bumpers with Hybrid D-pad and supports Button mapping and is equipped with Bluetooth and runs on two AA batteries. 

Apart from gaming, the device can also work great as a multimedia device in your living room. As it can stream from your favorite apps like Netflix, Youtube, Display+, Spotify, and more. 

Xbox Series S Price in Nepal

The Official price of the Xbox Series S price in Nepal is Rs.70,000 for the 512GB variant. With the purchase, you can enjoy over 100 games right out of the box with a 1 month Xbox Game Pass trial. 

Device Price in Nepal (Official)
Xbox Series S  NRs. 70,000/-

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