Xiaomi Accessories Price In Nepal

Mi Nepal Launches A Bunch of Mi Accessories in Nepal

(Price Updated In April 2018) Xiaomi Nepal has had an exciting year with its several products being favored in the market. The Chinese Smartphone company has launched a few spectacular new smartphones in China recently. Moreover, the company has also been introducing new products into the Nepali market. Xiaomi products are getting hits in the Nepali Market due to its reasonable price and popularity. In this article, you will find several Xiaomi device accessories recently launched by Mi Nepal along with their pricing.

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Mi Capsule Earphone


Mi Capsule Earphone A.K.A Mi Piston Air Earphone is a unique and lightweight earphone from Xiaomi. This earphone is made of hypoallergenic silicone material and fits well in your ear. It has a curved end that will fit right in your ear and will give you a comfortable feeling while wearing. The earphone is designed such that it won’t fall out of your ear while walking, jogging or any kind of physical activity and situation. The earphone output quality is outstanding. It has a 7mm dynamic drive which gives a powerful bass.

Mi Capsule Earphone Price In Nepal: Rs 1,899 Rs.1,549.00

Mi USB Fan


The Mi USB Fan is a mini fan useful to keep yourself cool during the hot days. It is made up of good quality plastic (including the blades) and available in different colors. The fan works quite well up to 2 feet distance. You can connect the fan to your power-bank, desktop or laptop and also your mobile phone using an OTG cable. The power rating is 1 Watt. Mi Fan works pretty smooth and almost quiet while in use. The blades are also safe around kids while in use. You can also twist the body and point it in any direction.

Mi USB Fan Price In Nepal: Rs 549.00

Mi Selfie Stick


Xiaomi Mi Selfie Stick is a Bluetooth enabled selfie stick for selfie lovers. It is available in three colors blue, peach and grey. The Selfie Stick is 18 cm long and weighs around 150 g making it easy to carry. The stick is extendable up to 85 cm to take your photos alone or with the group. The material used is stainless steel and the handle is made from high-quality silica gel which makes it easier to hold. The selfie stick is compatible with both Android and iOS 6.0 and above. It has its own 55mAh battery backup.

Mi Selfie Stick Price In Nepal : Rs 1,499 Rs.1,199.00

Mi LED Light Prime


Xiaomi Mi Led Light Prime is ideal in a dark environment to serve as a reading lamp and to light up for laptop and desktop keys. It has a power rating of 1.2 Watt and can easily illuminate a small room during lights out. It weighs only 30 g which makes it portable and made from fine quality plastic for durability. You can easily plug the LED light into your laptop USB and power bank. It has a short flexible neck which you point to any direction like the mini USB fan we talked earlier.

Mi LED Light Prime Price In Nepal: Rs 799.00

Mi WiFi Amplifier 2


Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier as the name suggests is a WiFi signal amplifier to amplify your WiFi signal for home and office use. It works with any WiFi router with a Mi home application. It is easier to set up in a Mi WiFi router but others will work just fine. You will need to connect the Mi Amp into the USB port of your router and as soon as the app is launched you are done. The WiFi Amp nearly doubles your WiFi coverage and can be a good buy if you have a hard time getting good WiFi coverage in your room.

Mi WiFi Amplifier 2 Price In Nepal: Rs 1,399.00

Mi VR Play


Xiaomi Mi VR Play is a budget VR headset for viewing VR videos. It works for both Android and iOS devices with 4.7-inch to 5.7-inch screen sizes. You can insert your phone by simply unzipping the front and slipping it in. It offers a 75-degree wide view and has a very lightweight if you don’t like something heavy attached to your forehead. The Mi VR Play is easy to wear, it only has an adjustable strap which is comfortable for any head size. Xiaomi VR has a reasonable price for the VR experience it is offering.

Mi VR Play Price In Nepal: Rs 1,999 Rs.1,749.00

Mi Band 2


The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is the latest wearable fitness band powered by a 70mAh cell that offers approximately 20 days of use on a single charge. It has a monochrome 0.42-inch OLED screen that displays data. Mi Band 2 can monitor your steps, heart rate, and sleep patterns, vibrate on Notifications and calls. The Mi Band is comfortable to wear and looks solid in your hands with an impressive design. The main module is separable from the strap itself when you want to recharge.

Mi Band 2 Price In Nepal: Rs 4,499 Rs.3,799.00

Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro


Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro is a decent set of headphones with excellent audio output. Mi In-Ear Pro headphones are neatly constructed, with metal bodies fused with plastic bases built tightly. The earbuds have an angled edge which makes the headphones to fit into the ear perfectly. It has great sound brightness and clarity. It is a decent pair of in-ear headphones from Xiaomi which is somewhat similar to the Mi Piston.

Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro Price In Nepal: Rs.3,299 Rs.2,849.00

These Xiaomi Accessories can be certainly useful in different conditions as per your needs. They are now available in Mi Showroom located at Labim Mall, Pulchowk, Patan.

Tell us what you think about the above-mentioned device accessories and their pricing in the comments section.