Xiaomi collecting users data

Xiaomi speaks up on the recent Data collecting controversy

Recently, there was a commotion going on, regarding Xaiomi’s “data breach invasion” which is completely false. So, it all started when the news hit the internet, stating that Xiaomi has been practicing the data collecting through the Mi app and selling the data to other countries.  Since this news started hitting the internet through one of the renowned websites, everybody started panicking and the rumors started spreading all over the world.

There were certain allegation made, stating that;

“It’s a backdoor with phone functionality,” quips Gabi Cirlig about his new Xiaomi phone. He’s only half-joking. Cirlig is speaking with Forbes after discovering that his Redmi Note 8 smartphone was watching much of what he was doing on the phone. That data was then being sent to remote servers hosted by another Chinese tech giant, Alibaba, which was ostensibly rented by Xiaomi. 

The seasoned cybersecurity researcher found a worrying amount of his behavior was being tracked, whilst various kinds of device data were also being harvested, leaving Cirlig spooked that his identity and his private life was being exposed to the Chinese company.”

In response to that, Manu Jain the managing director of Xiaomi India stated that the alleged allegation is totally false and completely inaccurate. He further stated that Xiaomi is not only a smartphone company but also an internet company, so they take the matter of user privacy and user data very seriously. More to that, he added they do not collect the user data until the user gives an expulsive consent.

He added on by saying that even in cognitive more, the user is completely encrypted and anatomized. Meaning, no one can ever know what you are browsing. The only thing is logged is the usage data that too in an encrypted way. It is also only done to make your browsing experience better and faster, while even in this process your browser will stay encrypted so no one knows what you are searching for.

Furthermore, he added by saying that not just the Mi browser, but any other browser also follows a similar protocol that secured and doesn’t allow any kind of unnecessary data collecting.

Moreover, he added saying that it is not just Xiaomi saying assuring the safety but also the renowned third-party sources and agencies such as BSI and Trustarc have also said and assured that all the Xiaomi’s product, apps, and services are 100% safe and secured.

Lastly, Manu Jain the managing director of Xiaomi assured that all the data from Xiaomi India stays within India in encrypted done and doesn’t go anywhere. He also stated his dissatisfaction with the media for spreading the fake news and has personally assured that Mi is safe and promises to never break the ensured trust.

He concluded saying that all the products are safe and secured and if anyone has any further choirs on this topic then they can contact Xiaomi and they will be more than happy to state the facts.

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