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Xiaomi debunks !!! Xiaomi shorts reveals Popular myths on smartphone devices 


Xiaomi has recently brought new content on Shorts debunking popular myths about smartphone care and information. Have you been thinking to apply toothpaste on your scratched screen? Did you try fixing a smartphone all damaged and water drenched? Or are you still scared to use your smartphones during Thunderstorms? Let’s get into what Xiaomi has to say about it. 

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What happens you apply toothpaste on a cracked screen? 📱

In the video, Xiaomi tested the myth that toothpaste fixes a cracked screen by polishing and filing the dents of the screen. Xiaomi tested the tips and guess what happened? 


Instead, Xiaomi states that the toothpaste might do more damage than fixes, toothpaste is an alkaline substance that could damage the oleophobic coatings’ acid resistance over time.

So toothpaste for your tooth and not your phone. 🦷

Rice for a meal but not a smartphone 🍙

The rumor of water-soaked phones coming to life if put on rice is probably around everywhere. To verify the theory, Xiaomi is testing a completely soaked smartphone that cannot be turned on and kept it on a pile full of rice for 1 hour. 

Did you think that actually worked? Cause No.

Rice has no role in fixing the water-damaged smartphone but instead might cause problems with its small particles causing more damage. 

Do Thunderstorms really affect smartphone usage? ⛈️

Xiaomi literally did an experiment to learn if thunderstorms really affected smartphones in any way. To perform the experiment, Xiaomi used a tesla coil, to stimulate lightning to strike the smartphone. 

The smartphone shows making smartphone no difference in video performance. Similarly, the call signals are not impacted as well. Xiaomi debunked the rumor to be untrue. Also, Xiaomi states that the rumor could possibly originate from old-fashioned wired phones which have low frequencies, unlike mobiles that have high. 


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