Xiaomi 8th Anniversary Product Launch

Xiaomi launched MIUI 10, Mi 8, Mi 8 SE And Mi 8 EE On 8th Anniversary Launch Event

Celebrating the 8th-anniversary Xiaomi held a launch event in China they launched MIUI 10, Mi 8, Mi 8 SE, and Mi 8 EE. Getting on with the launch event held in China today their first product to get launched was their new android UI MIUI 10.

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This time around their MIUI 10 is fully focused on Ai and Full-screen phones. They even gave tagline of “The Best Full-Screen Experience”. the new MIUI implements new recent for good fullscreen experience and easy task switch among apps utilizing the full-screen space and full-screen gestures. The next feature is something every Mi user will really love if they get MIUI 10 update i.e. New AI portraits, why? Because with Ai portrait MIUI now supports Portrait mode in each and every camera whether it be a single lens or dual-lens device. The next implementation of AI is in your usage behavior study which gives you the best performance possible based on your usage. MIUI is also designed to make it control smart home devices that you own. Now, these are the new features introduced With MIUI 10 but just like MIUI 9 Smart assistant these features may or may not be available to Global MIUI users. To be sure we will have to wait until Global Launch of MIUI 10

Getting on to the Next product Mi 8 is finally here skipping the no 7 to bring a number equal to the year and adding a big notch just like some other well-known smartphone company did. Having notch isn’t exactly that bad given the new additions but Xiaomi was the company that gave us Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2, and Mi Mix 2s so things could have been different. Keeping that aside now Xiaomi Gave us not only 1 but 3 smartphones so let’s talk about that.

MI 8

Starting with Mi 8  it’s the first phone with a notch form Xiaomi. The Mi 8 has features a 6.21-inch OLED screen manufactured by Samsung.  Inside the notch are 20-megapixel selfie camera and proxy sensor and IR sensor and lens for infrared face unlock. The device body has a four-way curved glass back panel and an aluminum frame. Sandwiched inside is Qualcomm’s high-end Snapdragon 845 processor, and the new 12-megapixel dual camera setup. The dual camera scored an average of 99 the same as Samsung Galaxy S9 and scored 105 on DxOMark. Xiaomi also says that this is the first phone ever to use dual-frequency GPS, which is supposed to give more accurate location data.

The second Device is Mi 8 Explorer Edition (EE) it is the Exclusive version with the Same specs but with an On-screen Fingerprint scanner Transparent Back Cover showing the internals of the device and a red-toned power button. On the performance, both of the devices are a high scorer with antutu score of 301,472  the highest ever reached with Snapdragon 845 Chipset.


Then comes the third one, Mid-Range flagship from Xiaomi. Also known as Mi 8 SE(standard edition) is the first device to house Snapdragon 710. Basically, it is the mini version of Mi 8 with reduced performance and some feature removed.  Starting with the notch, this is something even after having 3D face scanning removed. The device features Snapdragon 710 in place of Snapdragon 845. The 710 saves 30% in power consumption over the previous-gen 660 while offering 20% greater performance. The camera also gets reduced from 12+12 MP to 12+5 MP. Other factors remaining the same.

Mi 8 SE

Getting down to the price the Mi 8 is priced at 2,699 yuan (~$421) for the 6/64 GB version, while the 6/256 GB version is CNY3,299 (~$515). The Explorer Edition with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage only at 3,699 yuan (~$577) and the SE available for 1,799 yuan (~$281) for the 4GB version. Just like previous generation Xiaomi devices, these prices are extremely competitive and provides good value to customers. The Mi 8 will be available on China from the 5th of June, with the SE following on the 8th and the Explorer Edition coming at a later date. What really interesting is with two distributors who will bring these devices to Nepal first and at what price point. Well, that is something we will have to wait and see.