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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review : An Affordable Fitness Tracker

Xiaomi Mi band 2 is the latest wearable fitness tracker from Xiaomi following the previous Mi Band and Mi band 1S. The Chinese company came with Mi band with aim to bring basic activity tracking to the user. This time Xiaomi has updated the previous Mi bands to slightly expensive version. Adding the new features such as heart rate sensors and improved pedometer along with the 0.42inch OLED display screen, Xiaomi MI Band 2 is available at Rs 4,499 in Nepal.

Mi Band 2 Unboxing
Mi Band 2 Unboxing

How to Connect Mi Band 2 On Android Or iOS devices?

Mi band 2 connects with your smartphone through an app called Mi Fit. You can download Mi Fit app from Google Play store on your Android devices(v4.4 or above) or from Apps store on your iOS devices(iOS 7.0 or above). Now here is step by step procedure to connect Mi Band 2 on your device.

  1. Open the App and Sign in using your Mi Account. If you don’t have Mi account, you can create one by using your phone number or email address
  2.  Go to profile> Click on Add device> Mi Band
  3. Now your device will start searching for the band. (Note: You have to turn on Bluetooth and keep your Mi Band close to your smartphone.)
  4. Once Mi fit app detect Mi band, Your Mi band will vibrate. Now you have to tap on the touch panel of Mi band to confirm the pairing.
  5. Now you have successfully paired Mi band 2 with your smartphone.

Mi band 2 can only be paired with one Mi Account at one time. If you want to connect Mi Band 2 with other devices, first you will need to unpair it from your device by going to Mi fit app> Profile> Mi band 2> Unpair

Once you unpair Mi band 2 from your Mi account, you can pair it with other Mi account.

Design and Build

The Mi Band 2 consists of two main components – main capsule and a band. The band is made up of silicon material and is anti sweat. The main Capsule features a 0.42 inch OLED display and shows date and time, Step Counts, Heart Rate and other. The OLED display is not the sharpest whereas sunlight visibility is quite poor. The band is very comfortable to wear and doesn’t cause any irritation due to sweat. The main capsule is easily separable with a little push from the top but won’t come out when you are wearing so you don’t have to worry about losing your main screen.

Mi Band 2 Price In Nepal
Mi Band 2 Price In Nepal

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 also consists of a touch button at lower bottom of the main screen and works pretty smooth. The touch button is useful for browsing through different features in the Mi Band 2. The back of the Capsule has a heart rate sensor with a green light which monitors your heartbeat. However, the sensors digs into your skin and lefts a mark behind. This may not be much of an issue but why left a red mark from a fitness tracker?

Features and Performance

There are multiple features in Xiaomi Mi Band 2. It displays your Step Counts, distance traveled, Calories burned and your heart rate. Xiaomi added a new feature to the band which shows time only when you look at it by making certain hand movements. The automatic sleep tracking is one of the useful feature of the Mi Band 2. The Capsule automatically detects your sleep time and also Deep Sleep time and your wake up time. You can calculate your sleep cycle with the data Mi Band 2 has collected.

Mi Band 2 Heart Rate Monitor Feature
Mi Band 2 Heart Rate Monitor Feature

Unlike previous Mi Bands, you don’t have to look at your phone for the details Mi Band has collected. Instead, you can touch the capacitive button and monitor your activities. However, the Mi Band 2 also uploads your daily tracking to the Mi Fit app for your convenience. The Heart Rate Sensor is very easy without happening to open the Mi Band. Talking about performance, the Mi Band 2 works well with any body types. It has its own algorithm for calculating the data from persons height and weight.

Extra Features

Mi Band 2 Price In Nepal
Mi Band 2 Notification Features

Apart from the main features of the Mi Band mentioned above, there are also some extra features that makes the band worth a shot. Mi Band 2 alerts you of the incoming calls and notifications by vibrating. MIUI developers are also working on an update where we can see the call ID on the MI band 2 display during incoming call. You can also set silent alarm in the Mi Band from your connected device which will make the Band Capsule buzz on your wrist. You can also unlock your connected smartphone when you come near certain radius from the Mi Band. The Mi Fit app also allows you to sync your Sleep and Steps data with Google Fit app.


Mi Band 2 Price In Nepal
Mi Band 2 Price In Nepal

The Mi Band 2 features are pretty accurate. The Sleep tracking works very well and is comparable with other high end fitness tracker. The new improved Pedometer is better than any of the previous Mi Bands. However, it is still off by certain number of steps when walking short distances because it detects your hand movements. The heart rate sensor is insufficiently accurate showing erratic bpm when measured multiple times at the same interval.

Battery and Charging

Mi Band 2 Charging adaptor
Mi Band 2 Charging adaptor

The Mi Band 2 features a 70mAh battery and can last up to 20 days of usage on single charge. The more features you will enable, the more battery Mi Band will drain. You need to remove the main module from the band in order to charge the Mi Band 2 which may be inconvenient to some users but it isn’t something that you need to do on a daily basis.


Mi Band 2 comes with IP67 rating
Mi Band 2 comes with IP67 rating

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is overall a good fitness tracker if not the best in terms of other features like Barometer, exercise tracker and temperature sensor. But, the Mi Band 2 is a budget fitness tracker and has multiple improved features over its predecessors so you should go for it. The only Problem we faced while using the Mi Band 2 was the sensors digging it in your skin and a slight scratch on the screen. Other than that, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a decent buy for anyone who is looking for an affordable fitness tracker that performs really well.

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