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“Xiaomi Set to Unveil Mi Band 9/9 NFC: What to Expect from the Next-Gen Fitness Tracker”


Xiaomi is preparing to unveil its latest wearable, the Mi Band 9/9 NFC, succeeding the well-received Mi Band 8 series. Following the success of the previous iteration, which garnered popularity in both Chinese and global markets, Xiaomi aims to deliver an upgraded experience with enhanced sports modes, health tracking capabilities, and other features in the upcoming Mi Band 9/9 NFC. In this article, we shall discuss more on Xiaomi Mi Band 9 leaks and its features.

Xiaomi Mi Band 9 leaks:

Mi Band 9/9 NFC Radio Certification:

Details regarding the Mi Band 9/9 NFC remain scarce, but recent radio certifications for two models, identified as “M2345B1” and “M2346B1,” suggest an imminent launch. While specifics regarding its features and improvements are yet to be revealed, the certification signals Xiaomi’s intention to introduce the new wearable shortly.

Xiaomi Mi Band 9 leaks

Mi Band 8 Series Overview:

The Mi Band 8 series has enjoyed widespread popularity, thanks to its sleek design and comprehensive functionality. Boasting a 1.6-inch AMOLED screen, the Mi Band 8 offers clear visibility and ease of use. Notably, its Always-On Display option ensures constant accessibility, while its water-resistant design allows for worry-free use in aquatic environments up to 50 meters deep. Moreover, the Mi Band 8’s customizable straps enable users to personalize their wearable device according to their preferences.

Equipped with an array of health monitoring features, the Mi Band 8 caters to users’ diverse needs. From tracking heart rate and blood oxygen levels to monitoring sleep patterns and stress levels, this wearable device provides comprehensive insights into users’ well-being. Additionally, the Mi Band 8 prioritizes female health tracking, addressing specific needs in this regard.

Xiaomi Mi Band 9 leaks

For fitness enthusiasts, the Mi Band 8 offers over 150 sports modes and even includes interactive games directly accessible from the device. Notably, its impressive battery life, capable of lasting up to 16 days on a single charge without using the Always-On Display feature, ensures uninterrupted usage and convenience for users.

Anticipated Launch of Mi Band 9 Series:

Given Xiaomi’s previous announcement timeline for the Mi Band 8 series, which was unveiled in April last year, anticipation is high for the forthcoming Mi Band 9 series.

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