MI band price in Nepal

Xiaomi Mi Band- The Budget Fit Band

The Xiaomi Mi band is an oval shaped fitness tracking module that goes a perfect match with your hand. It has a neat finish from outside with splayed edges and come with default black or other varieties of color. There are no belt buckles and other clamps that make it uncomfortable to wear. The Mi band is just affordable and worth buying tracker that everyone can wear. If you are looking for a budget fitness tracker then Xiaomi Mi Band is what you should consider buying.


Talking about the design, it has a smooth finish and simple design that everyone will love. It consists of oval shaped Bluetooth tracking module and the band itself. The product has no screen instead has three color changeable LED indicators to notify you of achieving your daily step goals. The LEDs are on top of smooth metal surface, though your arm faces the side made of plastic. You need to slip the tracking module into the band which is made of hard rubbery material which does not irritate your skin. It is insanely light weighing just 14 gm which does not affect your wrist movement. The Mi band looks good and many of my friends even complimented me on its look from which I learned that it also does a great job as fashion accessories.


The Xiaomi Mi band heavily relies on Mi Fit app for both iOS and Android for displaying the information as well as changing the settings. It not only tracks the number of steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned but also tracks your sleep time including additional information such as Deep Sleep and Light Sleep. You do not have to enable sleep option unlike other bands and can see the records of your sleeping habits in your app. You can manually enable jumping rope and sit-ups in additional features from the app to track your sit-ups and rope jump exercise.


The Mi Band slightly overestimates your steps and distance traveled. It records simple hand movement while talking with friends or giving speech and counts it as steps taken so bear in mind that while you are fighting over the last piece of fried chicken or taking a huge bite of your burger full of calories it may also count it as calories burned. The sleep tracking is also off by at least an hour. However, this much error is considerable looking at the price of the Mi Band and other features that Xiaomi have included on this budget fitness tracker.

Battery Life and Charging

The Xiaomi Mi Band last for 30 days after full charge and sometimes even more which isn’t that much of a surprise considering there is no display. Charging is also quick from zero to 100 percent in less than two hours. All the three LED indicator lights up when full charged. While you can find greater battery life on fitness tracker from other brands, Xiaomi has battery life of only 1 months which is also considerable looking at the cheap price of it.

Other Features

Mi band features
Mi band features

Some other features includes Early Bird Alarm and vibration when you get a call. However, It would have been more useful to get vibration when you get text messages and other notifications. If you have Xiaomi phone then you can also use its Smart Lock feature to unlock your device when you are near it. It has IP67 rating meaning you can use it during shower and rain but not while swimming. It is also dust resistance. It is made from the best material (TPSiV best thermoplastic elastomers) which is anti-UV, anti-microbial and anti-allergic and gives a smooth feel to your skin.

If you are looking for a basic activity tracker for an affordable price then we highly recommend you to give it a try. We wouldn’t recommend it for those who have built-in sensors on there smartphones that can perform all activities of Mi Band and also in better accuracy. But if you don’t carry your phone often and don’t have built in sensors than Mi band is for you.

Xiaomi Mi band price in Nepal: Rs.2399/-