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Xiaomi Mi VR Play Review: Affordable

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Xiaomi has launched its first VR product — Xiaomi Mi VR play into the market. The Mi VR play is a budget VR headset for those who wants to get an affordable Virtual Reality experience. It is the first VR viewer from Xiaomi and looks forward to provide customers an economical way for trying out the VR platform. In this article, we will cover our first impression with the Mi VR and also its features.


Mi VR Play compatibility
Mi VR Play compatibility

The Mi VR play works with any smartphones (including iPhones) ranging between display size of 4.7 to 5.5 inches. Your smartphone must have gyro sensor in order to have a proper VR experience. Xiaomi Mi VR comes with a three way strap adjustable to any kind of head size. It also has a card with QR code which links you to the the Xiaomi’s dedicated VR app that contains access to resources for 360 degree videos on different Chinese websites. You can still use the VR without visiting the Xiaomi website from YouTube and other VR websites.

Build Quality

The headset has been constructed with Lycra aka Spandex which makes it light and gives it a nice finish and is comfortable to wear for a very long time. The main aim of the Mi VR play is to provide better VR experience at affordable price. mi VR doesn’t feature any other sensors like Samsung Gear VR which can be explained considering its price. It  is very easy to insert your smartphone by opening the two-way zipper and with the help of foam padding your smartphone grips tightly inside the headset.

Talking about the lenses, they are anti-reflective lenses with 75 degree field of view disappointing compared to other mid ranged product with field of view of 100 degree or higher. Both the inside and outside of the VR has a nice finish. There is also a mechanical button on the Top panel which works by touching your device screen. This built-in button is useful to Play/Pause and other different options. The three way strap is easily adjustable according to your head size. Also weighing only 209 g it won’t wear your neck after prolonged use.


The Xiaomi Mi VR play gave me a quite good VR experience. However, there was some minor flaws in the design. There are small openings in either side of your temple from which light peer in the lenses which is really annoying. You may want to cover these opening with your hands if you are in a brighter environment. Also, if your device is really slim then your headset won’t be able to have some tight grip. This may cause your device to slip when making sudden fast moves but it won’t fall out of the VR.

Mi VR Play Usability
Mi VR Play Usability

Despite from above flaws it was quite beautiful to be able to experience the VR from the headset. And it doesn’t feel uncomfortable while wearing spectacles too. Also the straps made it really easy to fit for my head snuggly having full confidence the device won’t fall.


Given the price, the build quality is immensely surprising. It cannot be compared to other high end VR headset in terms of features and wide angle view. However, Mi VR Play is still a good product because the price is just Rs.1,999. The Samsung Gear VR costs around $99 in the international market or £80 in the UK. If you are looking forward to buy a decent VR headset but also don’t want to spend quite much then Xiaomi Mi VR Play is your ultimate choice.


Xiaomi Mi VR Play

Xiaomi Mi VR Play is an affordable VR headset from Xiaomi and works pretty well with compatible device. If you don't want to spend a lot for a VR Player then Xiaomi VR Play at the price of Rs 1,999 is more than a decent buy.

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