Xiaomi Q1 2021

Xiaomi leads the smartphone market in 12 countries in Q1 2021

The recent survey shows that Xiaomi has been doing great with the selling of their smartphones. In 2020, the smartphone market suffered a huge loss as the pandemic hampered the market from selling the phones. Despite the viral outbreak that hampered shipments back in 2020, the company still managed to gain its position in the smartphone market as it has been the top-selling smartphone brand.

Xiaomi’s Q1 2021 Performance

The recent information shows that Xiaomi managed to achieve the number one spot in twelve countries in Q1 2021. Likewise, The senior executive shared an image showing the list of countries where Xiaomi positioned first place. The list shows the countries including  Nepal, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Croatia, Lithuania, Malaysia, India, Spain, Myanmar, and Colombia. Xiaomi witnessed 62% annual growth during Q1 2021. The company’s global market share stood at 14% during this period. 

Furthermore, the company also saw a growth in its market share in Europe, rising to the second for the first time in the European smartphone market. The brand leads the eastern European market for two consecutive quarters, while it came it continued to be the third-largest OEM in the western European market. Although, it managed to lead in Spain for the fifth consecutive quarter.

Xiaomi’s growth outside of its home country can be attributed to its two-legged effort, which has placed its efforts in both its domestic and international markets. Despite the viral outbreak that hampered shipments back in 2020, the company still saw great success overall.

This achievement of Xiaomi was already reported by Strategy Analytics a few days back. The research firm even predicts Xiaomi to emerge as the world’s third-largest smartphone brand overall in 2021.

Xiaomi Q1 2021

Looking at the overall global market, Samsung is still at the top with a 22% market share. Followed by Apple with a market share of 15%. Xiaomi is in the third position with a 14% market share increased from 11% from last year.