Top smartphone brand in the world 2020

Xiaomi surpasses Huawei and gains third position in the Global Smartphone list

No matter what the controversy is or what part it has gained after being tagged along with the rumors. The end results say it all, with all blood sweat and tears it has finally achieved it, standing at the third rank from the list of the leading smartphone list. The smartphone market has always been competitive, with the leap in advancement, the engineers, the manufacturers and all those who are involved in a particular brand has a different pressure to make its model one of the best, to make it one of the favorite and to be always loved and appreciated by its customer.

All those strategies, all those hard work is done just to stay at the market and make a splash along with it and gain the trust of the global users. Folders have brought the point of innovation, but, in general, the market is a bit stagnant with the equipment which is very similar to each other.

 But, whatever be the case, it is we the customers who dictate the podium through various investigations i.e. its uses, about its designs, the preferences when buying and many more. And once the level is set, once that trust is maintained, no one can stop it from earning that name and frame. One of the most beloved brand Xiaomi has shown and proved itself to be strong and worthy enough to be acquiring the 3rd position on the smartphone list.

The unprecedented happened. It has overtaken rival Huawei and has become the third-largest smartphone brand in the world. It is the first time that the Chinese brands have exchanged places on the podium.

Global monthly smartphone shipment
Global monthly smartphone shipment

 According to the report by market, research firm Strategy Analytics, Xiaomi managed to sell more, in all 6 million smartphones, compared to Huawei’s 5.5 Million. It should also be noted that Huawei recorded a 64% drop in its sales, compared to February sales. It is estimated that the trade war with the USA may be one of the reasons for the decline. Also, the blame can be related to the Corona outbreak in which we are compelled to live and relive.

 As usual, billion’s favorite Samsung seized the top position with 18.2 Million, followed by Apple with 10.2 Million units. Finally the fifth and the sixth positions were gained by Oppo and vivo respectively with 4 Million and 3.6 Million units each. The above-mentioned brands encountered slump in their shipments and sales by a huge margin.

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