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YouTube Making Easier for Channels to Post Shorts


The world’s most popular video-sharing platform, Youtube has made it easier for creators by allowing users to generate fresh content from their existing videos, in the form of Shorts. In other words, allowing the repurposing of their existing videos.

The company says,” Attention Shorts creators: to make it easier to create even more new content, you can now convert up to 60 seconds from your own existing long-form YouTube videos and turn them into Shorts using all the same editing tools that you know and love (text, timeline editor, filters, etc.)”.

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However, you might think this feature is limited to converting a 60- second clip into a short but not, YouTube further says, “Creators who select a clip that’s less than a minute long will be able to shoot additional videos with the Shorts camera as well as upload more videos” from your galleries as long as the resulting video remains less than 60 seconds long.

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This feature might encourage more YouTubers as it reduces the amount of effort needed to create shorts but, YouTube acknowledged that it is not a sufficient incentive on its own, the company decided that anyone making shorts that have been generated from someone’s existing content will link back to the longer video.

Youtube says, “Shorts created from VODs will link back to the original long-form videos so that people watching your Short can see the original video too”. The thing to note here is you as the original creator will only be able to import your long-form videos into Shorts whereas this feature won’t be available for other creators to use your content.

So, do you find it a beneficial feature for the content creators on YouTube? If yes, comment below and let us know and also tell us your further queries.




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