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Youtube offering free content in New Ad-Supported Streaming Service


It seems like now users might enjoy watching free TV shows, movies, and channels for free. Youtube is now testing a new ad-supported streaming service that will provide these services for free. Let’s dive into more details.

Free TV shows, movies, and channels

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Youtube begins this concept by showing content from certain media companies for ad-free streaming. Google is currently in talks with entertainment companies to test the concept. Reportedly, YouTube is reportedly working with Lionsgate and A&E which owns the History Channel FYI and Lifetime. Google demands a 45% cut of the ad revenue.

A YouTube spokesperson confirms the report of the journal. He also says that the feature could roll out more widely this year. 

This will let youtube compete with other services like Vizio, Roku, Netflix, HBO MAX, and many others. The new service is similar to apps like Pluto TV, which offers streaming TV shows from providers like Paramount Movies and TV Land Drama. Companies like Vizio and Roku have a similar concept and are earning more profits from advertising and commissions on subscriptions than they do from selling hardware.

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Before, Youtube also generated the concept of providing premium ad-supported content last year. There were free television shows that fit the category. The same goes for the movies. Youtube also recently signed a deal with the NFL Sunday Ticket in which games will be shown on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels. 

Youtube TV

There’s also Youtube TV, a paid service that lets users experience a similar streaming service for enjoying TV channels. 

YouTube this strategy may let them gain a wider audience as the popularity of online streaming is getting higher. The move fits with Google’s focus on advertising as the primary source of revenue, as the company looks to diversify its revenue streams. 

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