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Youtube to ask premium subscription for 4k video streaming


It seems as if users will have to subscribe to youtube premium to watch any content in full 4k resolution.  Recently, users across Reddit and Twitter noted that YouTube had been asking them to upgrade to the premium tier to watch videos in 4K. Though there haven’t been any official statements, it isn’t sure this move could be just a test. Many speculate that this could be a move to convert free users to paid ones. However, if this goes on, it would be quite disappointing to miss a higher resolution than 1440 p.

This uncertainty remains but recently, a user who posted a screenshot of video streaming in 4K showed up as a premium feature was replied to by one of YouTube’s official support handles. The reply assured that the user had been a part of the feature preference experiment for premium and non-premium users. 

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Youtube premium is the paid version of youtube subscription that facilitates the user experience better. Features like ad-free viewing, video and song downloads for offline consumption, and background plays are available on this membership. Last year, Google reported that youtube had crossed the 50 million subscriber mark across YouTube Music and Premium. Youtube offers one month’s free trial for premium users and costs $11.99 per month afterward. But there are also, other plans such as annual, family, and student for saving costs. Unfortunately, the youtube premium isn’t available in Nepal yet.

Youtube has been offering many moves to convince users to pay for subscriptions. One of the experiments included up to 11 unskippable ads before any chosen video begins to play. Viewers could pay a premium subscription to get ad-free usage. However soon the complaints came to conclusion as youtube finally ended the absurd experiment.

Well as for now we can expect many other youtube experiments. Google states that youtube has a revenue of $6.87 billion last year which was much lower than analyst expectations of $7.51 billion. 

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Well, what do you think of the latest changes for the premium version? Do you think the youtube premium subscription for 4k videos would bring some changes? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Also, stay updated on our website to learn more about the latest updates on gadgets and technology.


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