YouTube to Standardize the video resolution

YouTube to Standardize the video resolution

As many people are staying in for isolation, more network is being used and due to that very reason, last week there was a piece of news from YouTube stating that it was planning on defaulting all videos to SD (standard definition) aka 480p in Europe. It was apparently because the networks can’t cope with all the people staying at home due to corona virus-related movement restrictions.

Now it is on board that the standardization is going global. Yes! our ultimate favorite YouTube is defaulting to SD and this will be rolling out everywhere over the next few days, for a month. Also, clearly there’s a probability of an extension on the standardization after said month will pass.

This literally means that when we will want to play any YouTube video it will start off in SD (480p), but you can still manually choose to up the resolution if you want to. The catch here is that you’ll have to do that for every single video, every single time. So, YouTube is betting a lot of people won’t go through that process, and consequently, this move will lighten the pressure on ISPs.

 It’s indistinct why such a preventative move was required – after all, there hasn’t been huge Internet outage anywhere yet, even with billions of people self-isolating and social distancing. But sometimes the manifestation of liability on ‘something’ is apparently preferable to some companies. It may or may not be for future uses of its IPS system just in case the isolation goes a little longer than expected. But this is claimed to be YouTube’s little ‘something’. 

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