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Zhiyun-Tech Smartphone Gimbal Price in Nepal


Zhiyun-Tech is one of the popular brands worldwide that specialize in gimbal and professional film equipment. Furthermore, we can find various Smartphone Gimbals available in Nepal such as DJI Gimbal, Zhiyun-Tech Gimbal, and more. Therefore in this article, we will be talking Zhiyun-Tech Gimbal prices in Nepal, specifications, and availability.

Zhiyun-Tech Smartphone Gimbal Price in Nepal

Zhiyun-Tech Smartphone GimbalPrice in Nepal
1Zhiyun-Tech SMOOTH-X SmartphoneNPR 10,500 9500
2Zihyun-Tech Smooth XS-2NPR 12,000 10,500
3Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-Q2 SmartphoneNPR 18,900 14,500

Zhiyun-Tech SMOOTH-X Smartphone

Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-X smartphone is a portable mini tripod that includes a 2-axis pan/roll motorized gimbal. Furthermore, the gimbal features a 10 to 20 inches built-in aluminum telescopic selfie extension.

Zhiyun-tech gimble Smooth-X

Moreover, the Zhiyun-Tech gimbal packs a 1000mAh battery that has a max run time of 5.5 hours.


Product Dimensions145 x 65 x 56 mm (Folded)
Built-in Selfie Stick10-20 inches
Number of Axes2-Axis (Roll, Yaw)
Rotation RangeYaw (Pan): 300°
Roll: 285°
Valid Payload200 g
Charging Time5.5 Hours
Product Weight 246 g
Price NPR 10,500 9500

Zhiyun-Tech Smooth XS-2

The Zihyun-tech Smooth XS-2 is a pocket-size gimbal that features a slide-out design for a compact form factor. Furthermore, the gimbal has a 260mm telescopic Rod whereas it features stabilization in a few different ranges such as tilt, roll, and more.

Zhiyun-tech gimble Smooth-XS

Moreover, the Zhiyun-Tech Smooth XS-2 packs an 850mAh battery that gives a maximum battery run time of 5.5 hours.


Product Dimensions69*56*267 (L*W*H)
StabilizerMax: ± 0.3 °
Standard: ± 0.1 °
Min: ± 0.05 °
Built-in Selfie Stick10.2 inches
Tilt Mechanical RangeStandard: 290 °
Roll Mechanical RangeStandard: 268 °
Valid Payload200±35 g
BatteryMax: 5.5 h
Charging Time3 h
Product Weight 249 gram
PriceNPR 12,000 10,500

Zhiyun-Tech Smooth Q2 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

The Zhiyun-Tech Smooth Q2 is a pocket-size Smartphone gimbal stabilizer that features a 360° pan, 305° tilt, and 265° roll rotation. Furthermore, the gimbal can be remotely controlled through your iOS/Android smartphone or control it through the 5-way joystick on the gimbal.

Zhiyun-Tech Q2

Moreover, the Zhuiyun-Tech Smooth Q2 Gimbal packs a 2500mAh battery that has a maximum run time of 17 hours.


Pan axis 360 °
Roll Mechanical Range265 °
Tilt Mechanical Range305 °
Valid Payload260 g
Bluetooth 5.0
Interface 5-way joystick
Battery Life17Hr
PriceNPR 18,900 14,500

Zhiyun-Tech Gimbal Availability

Zhiyun-Tech Gimbal hasn’t officially launched in Nepal but we can find their products retailed by various third-party dealers such as Olizstores and other retailers.

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Which is the cheapest Zhiyun-Tech Gimbal in Nepal?

Zhiyun-Tech SMOOTH-X Smartphone gimbal is the cheapest Zhiyun gimbal in Nepal and it’s priced at NPR 9,500.

Which Zhiyun-Tech Gimbal is the best?

In Nepal, we don’t have the latest Zhiyun-Tech Gimbal therefore currently available best Zhiyun-tech gimbal is the Smooth Q2 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer which is priced at NPR 14,500.


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