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HI-TECH Camera SD Price in Nepal 


HI-TECH Nepal has launched its multiple storage devices officially in Nepal including SSD, drives, and RAM. In this article, we are going to check the overall launched HI-TECH Camera SD Price in Nepal including phones and cameras. Let’s get into the details.

What are SD cards?

SD (SECURE DIGITAL) is one of the most popular memory cards used in various devices including digital cameras, printers, laptops, smartphones, and other devices. There are three SD cards size available medium-sized, mini-sized, and micro-sized cards. An SD card features a high data transfer rate and low battery consumption, which are both primary considerations for portable devices.

Similarly, these SD cards are a must no matter which digital camera you use for storing all your captures. Since most digital cameras dont offer SD cards so photographers need to get one to pair with their device. HI TECH is also offering such SD cards officially for all those storage. 

HI-TECH SD cards For Camera 

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HITECH Camera SD cards can be addressed for Better Pictures and full HD video. These cards feature read speeds up to 130MB/s and writing speeds vary with capacities. However, performance may vary with host devices. The device is based on 1,2GB MPEG with 4 video transfers with USB 3.0 host devices.

You can also check other Hitech cards:

Hitech camera SD cards

HI-TECH Camera SD Price in Nepal

HI-TECH SD CARD For CameraPrice
SD Card 16GB HI-TECHRS.650
SD Card 32GB HI-TECHRS.750
SD Card 64GB HI-TECHRS.900
SD Card 128GB HI-TECHRS.1800
SD Card 256GB HI-TECHRS.3900

Availability of the HI-TECH Camera SD Cards

The SD cards for cameras by HITECH are available online as well as on offline platforms. You can purchase it through your nearest retail shops or for convenient shopping visit a shopping site.


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