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Gadgets In Nepal is the leading tech news and review news portal, known for being the go-to source for tech product reviews in the industry. We showcase honest and informative tech product news, reviews, and opinions, focusing on providing valuable and honest insights. The primary objective of Gadgets In Nepal is to help readers make informed decisions before purchasing, ensuring they have access to reliable and comprehensive information.

Our Story

In 2010, Gadgets In Nepal was founded with the sole aim of providing Nepalese consumers with authentic information and firsthand experiences of the latest technology and gadgets. This all began with Mr. Bikram Rai, a tech-enthusiast with a curious mind. He investigated trustworthy tech platforms in Nepal where one could not only learn about but also experience the latest gadgets firsthand. However, absence of such reliable sources led him to create a solution himself. He established Gadgets In Nepal as an authoritative platform aimed at making tech news easily accessible to Nepali readers and ensuring it became a trusted brand for everyone.

Then, Mr. Rai started a simple Facebook page(Gadgets In Nepal) in October 2010, where he shared news, reviews and insights on the newest breakthrough on technology. The platform quickly took special place in the hearts of tech enthusiasts & everyday consumers alike, offering them a reliable source of tech news and reviews. His efforts resonated with many, and over the next five years, Gadgets In Nepal’s online presence flourished. By November 2015, it was time to take a significant step forward—the launch of the official Gadgets In Nepal website.

We always prioritize our commitment to the Nepali consumer. Gadgets In Nepal is not just a brand, it’s a promise; promise to be the genuine source for all tech-related needs in Nepal, expressing gratitude towards its customers for their trust and support.

Looking at the present scenario, our company has an official website named "Gadgets In Nepal", which has over one million users per year. Furthermore, you can find us on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok with followers around 117k, 4.9k, and 577.6k consecutively.

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