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4 Reasons for not picking Oppo F19 Pro


Nowadays a new smartphone launches every week. For the end consumers, it’s getting quite tough to decide which phone to buy; you buy a phone according to your needs and an average person tends to keep a smartphone for 2-3 years before its features and specification get old. Though it might be tough to decide which one to buy, today we are going to tell you which phone you should not buy. We are talking about the newly launched Oppo F19 Pro. It’s not that everything about this device is bad, but the kind of specs it provides and the price it asks for are not so satisfying. So here are our Top 4 reasons for not picking Oppo F19 Pro. 

1) Performance 

Oppo F19 Pro comes with MediaTek Helio P95 SoC. This 12nm silicon came last year in February. That very year Oppo already launched Oppo F17 Pro with the same chipset and launching a new device currently with that same SoC at the price tag of 45K, doesn’t make much sense. At that price point devices like Samsung, Galaxy M51 are offering great features compared to Oppo F17 Pro.  Galaxy M51 has a Snapdragon 730G processor with Adreno 618 GPU. Even though it is not a relatively new SoC but it performs much better than the Helio P95, and being 8nm, it is battery efficient too. 

2) Battery Life 

In order to make the device thin and light, Oppo left out in the battery department. The device comes with a 12nm SoC and a 4310 battery which is relatively low. Nowadays devices with half the price of Oppo F19 Pro comes with a battery no less than 5000mAh. Especially devices like POCO X3 and Samsung’s M51 took it further with their 6000mAh and 7000mAh batteries respectively. 

We all know Oppo ‘F’ series of devices are generally not known for having bigger batteries, but as the industry is evolving, Oppo should have gone with at least 5000mAh cell.  

3) 60Hz Display 

In 2021 every major mid-range device from all the different brands is getting the high refresh rate treatment. Redmi with the new Note 10 Pro line up came up with 120Hz S.AMOLED, Samsung with the A52 and the A72 has also started providing 90Hz S.AMOLED and upcoming Realme 8 series of devices are also confirmed to launch with high refresh rate AMOLED. 

So, if you want to experience those fluent AMOLED displays, we suggest you wait for a few weeks, rather than picking Oppo F19 Pro.  We would appreciate Oppo even if it was 90Hz AMOLED, but that’s not the case here. On the Oppo F19 Pro, though the touch sampling rate can go up to 180Hz the refresh rate is static at just 60Hz.

4) Value for Money 

Currently, in Nepal, the Smartphone market is getting more competitive than ever. Especially in the Budget and Mid-range segment, buyers are searching for a value for money devices that can provide the best bang for their buck. Looking at Oppo F19 Pro’s pricing it’s quite expensive for what it is offering. There’s not any USP of the device except for its thin and light form factor. Talking about brands like Xiaomi, they are known for providing devices with the best performance in the segment. Even big brands like Samsung are changing their strategy and are offering great features on their mid-range devices. So, we think Oppo should now listen to their consumers and provide a better value for money devices. 


Oppo has been in the smartphone game for ages and has introduced some of the coolest techs in the industry, like the first phone with QHD Display, the first phone with a rotating camera, and much more. But looking at their mid-range segment, devices from Oppo are targeting offline buyers and not focusing much on the value proposition. 

Even looking at the specs Oppo F19 Pro is significantly less powerful and impressive than the devices with similar or even cheaper prices in the segment. If you want a device that can easily serve for 2-3 years and won’t fail you with the camera, display, and battery life throughout the timeline, then we suggest you wait. As devices like Samsung A52 & A72, Redmi Note 10 series and Realme’s 8 series are coming soon into the market. 

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