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Apple’s iPhone needs to use USB-C port from 2024 as per the EU


Guess what? Apple’s iPhone and iPad would need to make a shift from lightning cable chargers to USB-C in 2024. As the EU parliament approves the common charging cable for all smartphones, and tablets including iPhones on Tuesday by lawmakers. Not being limited to Smartphones and iPhones it will further apply to cameras and tablets too. Whereas, the laptop manufacturers would have to make this change until 2026.

The main reason for this law made by the EU was the different charging standards created wastage and by the implementation of this law consumers won’t need to purchase a new charger every time, they purchase a new gadget.

USB Type C
USB-C port

As of now, all the iPhones use its proprietary Lightning chargers. But from the new series i.e from iPhone 15, we may see the change to adapt the USB-C. Moreover, According to CNBC (rumor), Apple is already exploring USB-C for its new flagship iPhone 15 series. On the other hand, Bloomberg has also previously reported Apple is testing future iPhones with USB-C charging.

We can see the latest iPhone 14 series also features the same lightening port. But Apple now needs to transfer to the USB-C due to the obligatory law by the EU. Though the consumer may get benefited as they won’t be limited to the lightening chargers but Apple may have to bear the loss of its profitable lightning business in the future. Furthermore, the company may also need to face competitors that already use USB-C including Samsung.

Seeing this scenario, we highly expect Apple will use a USB-C port from its upcoming flagships of iPhone 15 or 16. However, if Apple declines to change it should have at least started using this port from its iPhone 17 series. let’s see what Apple does in the coming days. Till then stay connected to us. We will keep updating you if any hot news arrives on the market.

So, what do you think will Apple start using USB-C for its new iPhone 15 series? Let us know down below in the comment section.


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