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HiFuture Launches Audio & Wearable Products


HiFuture is pleased to unveil its latest lineup of cutting-edge audio and wearable technology, comprising seven innovative products designed to elevate the audio experience and connectivity. In this post, we shall look into HiFuture Products price in Nepal. The expanded HiFuture family introduces these new devices seamlessly combining state-of-the-art technology with stylish design.

HiFuture Products price in Nepal:

1. HiFuture Apex Smartwatch: A Glimpse into the Future of Wearables

Embracing cutting-edge technology, the HiFuture Apex Smartwatch introduces a vibrant 2.04-inch AMOLED display with a crystal-clear resolution of 368 x 448 pixels. Elevating its functionality, the smartwatch seamlessly integrates Bluetooth calling capabilities and achieves an impressive IP68 waterproof rating.

It goes beyond conventional health monitoring with the inclusion of a fifth-generation 24/7 true heart rate and blood oxygen sensor, ensuring comprehensive health insights. Crafted with precision, the Apex Smartwatch features a durable stainless steel build, making it a stylish yet robust accessory. With a remarkable battery life of up to 10 days in daily use, this smart companion is poised to redefine the wearables landscape.

HiFuture Products price in Nepal

Further, the watch is available in stylish Black and silver color as well.

2. HiFuture Ultra 3 Smartwatch: Precision Redefined

Unveiling advanced features, the HiFuture Ultra 3 Smartwatch boasts a vibrant 2.0-inch IPS display, presenting visuals with precision at a resolution of 240 x 296 pixels. Going beyond standard functionality, this smartwatch seamlessly integrates Bluetooth calling capabilities and achieves a commendable IP68 waterproof rating. The inclusion of a fifth-generation 24/7 true heart rate and blood oxygen sensor enhances its health monitoring capabilities. With an impressive battery life of up to 7 days in daily use, coupled with support for over 100 sports modes, the Ultra 3 Smartwatch is set to redefine the smart wearable experience.

HiFuture Products price in Nepal

The HiFuture Ultra 3 Smartwatch is available in three exciting colors, Red, Orange, and Black.

3. HiFuture Altus Bluetooth Speaker: Where Elegance Meets Audio Excellence

Delivering a robust audio experience, the HiFuture ALTUS Bluetooth Speaker boasts a powerful 10W output. Elevating the auditory experience, it supports the innovative Pair to Play feature in TWS (True Wireless Stereo) mode, providing a seamless and immersive stereo sound. With an impressive playtime of up to 8 hours, this wireless speaker ensures extended enjoyment of your favorite tunes. Furthermore, it incorporates the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology, guaranteeing a reliable and high-quality wireless connection.

HiFuture Products price in Nepal

This portable yet high-quality speaker is available in Black, Red, and Blue colors.

4. HiFuture Music Box Bluetooth Speaker: Unleash the Rhythm

Unleashing a powerful sonic performance, the HiFuture MusicBox Bluetooth Speaker cranks up the volume with an impressive 100W output. Elevating your entertainment, it features Karaoke capabilities, complete with two wireless microphones for a fun and interactive experience. Packed with a robust 12000mAh battery, this speaker doubles as a power bank, ensuring your devices stay charged on the go.

HiFuture Products price in Nepal

Adding a vibrant touch to the ambiance, it incorporates dynamic RGB lighting. Designed for portability, it supports Pair to Play in TWS (True Wireless Stereo) mode, providing a versatile and immersive audio setup. With the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology, it ensures a seamless and high-quality wireless connection for an uninterrupted music experience. It is also available in Silver and Black colors.

5. HiFuture Future Tour Pro Headphone: Your Ticket to Exceptional Sound

Immerse yourself in a world of uninterrupted audio bliss with the HiFuture Future Tour Pro Headphones. Featuring advanced Hybrid Active Noise Canceling technology, these headphones provide an immersive experience by eliminating ambient noise. With an impressive battery life of up to 35 hours, enjoy prolonged listening sessions without interruptions. The AI-enhanced call feature ensures crystal-clear communication, making every conversation a breeze.

HiFuture Products price in Nepal

Designed for universal comfort and fit, these headphones offer snug and enjoyable wear for extended periods. Stay wire-free with wireless 5.2 connectivity or use the included AUX cable for versatile audio options. Ready for travel, these headphones bring a perfect blend of convenience and performance to your audio journey. This headphone is available in classy black color.

6. HiFuture Fusion Earbuds: Seamlessly Unite Style and Performance

Dive into a top-notch audio experience with the HiFuture Fusion Earbuds. These earbuds are designed to keep unwanted noise out, giving you a peaceful listening experience with their advanced noise-canceling technology.

HiFuture Products price in Nepal

Stay connected effortlessly with the six-microphone system for clear communication, and enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth 5.3. Plus, these earbuds are resistant to water splashes. With impressive bass and long-lasting battery life, the Fusion Earbuds are your perfect audio companions, offering up to 30 hours of playtime. These earbuds are available in Black and White Colors.

7. HiFuture Yacht Earbuds: Sail into Pure Audio Bliss

Experience extended playtime with the HiFuture Yacht Earbuds, offering 5+15 hours of non-stop enjoyment. Powered by Qualcomm technology, these earbuds deliver a high-quality audio experience with support for APTX Adaptive and CVC 8.0 Winds Noise Cancelling. The advanced Bluetooth 5.2 ensures seamless connectivity, while the IPX5 rating provides resistance against water splashes.

HiFuture Products price in Nepal

The metallic charge case not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures your earbuds stay powered up. Enjoy a comfortable fit for extended usage, making the HiFuture Yacht Earbuds an ideal choice for those who value both performance and comfort. These stylish earbuds are available in three exciting colors i.e. Black, Black Gold, and Rose Gold.

Here is a price table for the HiFuture products:

ProductsPrice (NPR)
HiFuture Apex Smartwatch9,999
HiFuture Ultra 3 Smartwatch6,499
HiFuture Altus Bluetooth Speaker2,999
HiFuture Music Box Bluetooth Speaker14,999
HiFuture Future Tour Pro Headphone8,999
HiFuture Fusion Earbuds7,999
HiFuture Yacht Earbuds6,499

What do you think about the HiFuture Products price in Nepal? Let us know in the comments.


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